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A competitive strategy consultancy from Louisville, Kentucky leverages research-based tactical and strategic insights for healthcare, retail, life sciences, financial, and other supply industries. With a belief in evolution through innovation and a proven management consulting expert team, the company has successfully outperformed the market to this day.

International PEO

Establishing India operations with an International PEO

A company owned by two entrepreneurs and software professionals from the Bay area engaged in the American architectural business was keen on exploring the KPO model through a subsidiary set-up in India. Excelize was on the search for a partner who could build, operate, and then ultimately transfer the fully-operational subsidiary.

Excelize: Helping entrepreneurs establish presence in India

A legal process outsourcing company based in San Francisco, USA, Loxodrome was keen on venturing into India’s knowledge process outsourcing industry. They wanted ro establish an execution centre in India for the sales carried out at their US location. Remunance identified their company’s needs and put to play their experience of setting into motion the process.

Loxodrome: Establishing an execution centre in India

Portland, USA-based company Gemstone Systems Inc., developing GemFire, an in-memory database product, wanted to kick-start its product development efforts in India. With Gemstone Systems directing operations from their base in Portland, Remunance provided 360-degree support to resolve all the issues arising at ground zero in India.

Gemstone: Being eye and ears on the ground

Formality Pty from Australia is a user-friendly platform for simplifying e-signature access and for easy navigation of documents. Formality Pty was working with three contractors from India, for expanding its services. It expected services such as working on logistical issues, managing expense reimbursements, and individual compliances but required to gain more productive time.

Formaliti : A PEO approach to manage multi-terrain employees