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Snappy Data’s International Business Expansion

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SnappyData, now (TIBCO Software Inc.) is known for developing software that enhances communication amongst financial markets in real-time without human intervention. The founder of the startup SnappyData company, Sudhir Menon, conceptualized a subsidiary formation plan and desired to build a development center in India. His intention in this business expansion agenda was clear which was to direct all efforts to the core business and handing over all the administrative hassles to an expert agency in India. To materialize this approach, he relied on Remunance again. Sudhir had earlier worked with Remunance in the capacity of Engineering Director in his earlier assignment. Remunance was SnappyData’s first port of call while entering the Indian market for business expansion because of the confidence and trust our services had built.

Keeping SnappyData’s objective in mind, Remunance rolled out a full array of back-office services comprising bookkeeping, audit support, full compliance, accounting, and payroll management. The Remunance team took lead in building a chart of accounts, norms for the exchange of information, reporting protocols, all details related to compliance, and the selection of bankers. This process led to transparent communication between SnappyData and Remunance, SnappyData’s tasks were conducted on schedule, and they could focus on core technology without diverting time and resources in setting up a back-office framework. Remunance’s well-established framework was acknowledged by authorities clearing all the due diligence regulatory paperwork in the first attempt when SnappyData was acquired.

There is an inexplicable satisfaction in working with a repeat customer over a continuous period of time. It assures us that the customer trusts our organization’s culture, and the constant collaboration further reinforces the trust. On availing of Remunance’s support services, Sudhir Menon admired the reliable partnership and acknowledged our collaboration with them to achieve success in the Indian market. He admired our efforts by stating “I have worked with Remunance for 14 years and Rajendra’s team (Remunance) have helped me launch two start-ups and to date have kept our compliances in order. This sterling work has helped us to keep growing and given us a certain peace of mind. I can’t thank him enough,”


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