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Case Studies

Case studies

Go through our case studies to view our experience with various industries across the globe and hear directly from industry experts about their business journeys with us.

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Case Studies

medtigo: The success of using the PEO model in a healthcare industry

medtigo defines itself as a lifestyle for medical professionals in the healthcare industry. Founded in 2014, medtigo offers various services, ranging from medical staffing, emergency, internal, and critical care medicine, physician assistants, anesthesiology, and hospitalists. Along with recruitment in the U.S, the company is committed to providing high-quality training and certifications in the medical field and maintenance of the PLA directory.

Excelize: Helping first-time entrepreneurs of the American architectural business establish a foothold in the KPO industry in India

A company owned by two entrepreneurs and software professionals from the Bay area engaged in the American architectural business was keen on exploring the KPO model through a subsidiary set-up in India. It was a time when India was undergoing a change in the outsourcing landscape.

Snappy Data: Reinforcing the trust of materializing global business expansion plans in the IT field

SnappyData, now (TIBCO Software Inc.) is known for developing software that enhances communication amongst financial markets in real-time without human intervention. The founder of the startup SnappyData company, Sudhir Menon, conceptualized a subsidiary formation plan and desired to build a development center in India.

Loxodrome: Building an Operations Centre in India for a US-based

A legal process outsourcing company based in San Francisco, USA, Loxodrome was keen on venturing into India’s knowledge process outsourcing industry. They had a clear objective- to establish an execution centre in India for the sales carried out at their US location. To execute the plan, Loxodrome, needed a company that could offer its expertise in building a delivery center and an efficient team for their global company.

Gemstone: Being eye and ears on the ground

Portland, USA-based company Gemstone Systems Inc., developing GemFire, an in-memory database product, wanted to kick-start its product development efforts in India. The company thought of expanding its business by engaging a service provider for its support in India.

CXO systems: Laying the foundation for a subsidiary formation in India

CXO Inc. (Now CISCO Systems) develop configurable dashboards for CxOs of various companies, having applications in corporations from varied industries. In order to maintain a low burn rate, Alok Batra, the founder of CXO Inc., wanted to expand the business and set up a major development base in India.

Loylogic: Soft launching a director from the head office to India suggestion

Loylogic Inc., headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is the world’s leading loyalty programmes company that provides leading-edge points commerce solutions to various brands and companies. After getting experience in outsourcing its functions in India, Loylogic wanted to take the next step towards its business growth.

Adaptive insights: The relevance of the right partnership plays in handling development operations in India

Adaptive Insights, now popularly known as Workday Adaptive Planning, is a software service company that extends its offerings in Finance, Sales, and Workforce Planning. It was on the lookout for a company to handle its development work and narrowed down on a large software development company to carry out the operations.

Formaliti : A PEO approach to manage multi-terrain employees

Formality Pty from Australia is a user-friendly platform for simplifying e-signature access and for easy navigation of documents. Formality Pty was working with three contractors from India, for expanding its services. It expected services such as working on logistical issues, managing expense reimbursements, and individual compliances but required to gain more productive time.