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Remunance’s EOR Services

Remunance’s EOR Services
Make India a Great Place to Work

Working with your remote team in India can be a rewarding experience when you avail the expert services of an EOR in India like Remunance.

We as leading EOR service providers have the experience, resources, and knowledge capital to help businesses—from SMBs to large enterprises, enjoy the multifarious opportunities India offers.

Employer of Record manages overall HR services from remote hiring, onboarding, HR services, IT & infra-support to legal and regulatory compliance matters.

Meet Your Business
Objectives Quickly and

As one of the most experienced EOR service providers in India, Remunance has the resource depth, knowledge base, and local network to help you:

EOR service providers in India

Who Should Consider Engaging
with Remunance as their EOR Service Provider in India?

From start-ups to SMEs to large enterprises, every organization that would rather focus on core business matters than HR services or infrastructural support can benefit from Remunance’s knowledge, network, and understanding of local niceties. You can take advantage of India’s large talent pool, meet your recruitment targets, monitor and manage performance, and retain control over your team from wherever you are.


Organizations that wish to process payments to their contractors and while completely eliminating PE Risk


Businesses ready to hit the ground running with their contractors in India and open to dip into the largest talent pool of the world.


Retain control over talent — without going through the hassle of registering their company in India


Businesses that want to focus on core business objectives without getting bogged down by compliance matters and routine tasks of running an Indian subsidiary


Businesses that want to leverage India’s tremendous advantages but want to test the waters in a cost-effective manner

Remunance Expertise



India has a vast talent pool, and we have the resources, network, and expertise to help organizations tap into this pool. Being the local EOR providers, our HR team, for instance, has a multifarious understanding of job descriptions (JD), the process of headhunting, screening, and negotiating to get you the talent you need at the lowest possible costs. We have access to resource portals, local networks, campuses, etc., to make smart hiring a snap.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

Over the years, we, at Remunance have perfected our processes and protocols to help onboard your new employees smoothly with airtight contracts. They are legally compliant and aligned with your values, performance expectations, and frameworks that simplify the management of your team. Through our self-serve HR portals, you have full access—and control—of every aspect of your employee’s engagement, from observing individual employees’ status to monitoring certain aspects of their performance. Think of us as an extension of your HR department in India!

Infrastructure Support

Office & Infrastructure Support

Need prime office space in any Indian metro? No problem. Through our affiliated network of rental and co-working spaces, Remunance can accommodate your India team’s space needs, no matter how large or small, quickly and cost-effectively.

Subsidiary Formation

Subsidiary Formation

Once you have established your presence and consolidated your business in India, the next logical step is to incorporate your own entity. And we’re with you at every step of your India journey. Over the years we have helped our PEO clients go from new entrants to the Indian sub-continent to flourishing businesses with their own legal entities. The benefits are substantial, and we can help you experience them all.

IT Infrastructure Support

IT Infrastructure Support

For remote working to be successful it is critical that your people have a robust IT ecosystem that can lean on. Remunance has the expertise and network to ensure this. Remunance offers all the support you need, including

  • Purchase/leasing of IT hardware
  • Management of hardware through tagging and tracking
  • Remote desktop support

Payroll and Compliances

Payroll and Compliances

Remunance started out as a professional payroll management company, so we are more than conversant with payroll processes such as tax deductions, salary transfers, and maintaining records of employee payments.


How is an EOR company different from an international PEO?

Unlike an EOR company, an international PEO offers all services plus additional services such as recruitment, onboarding, IT/infrastructure support, payroll & compliances, and back office support.

How long does it take to get operational with an EOR?

Once you have identified the resources you need, it typically takes Remunance EOR company a week’s time to get you operational.

Will my team get health, retirement, and other employment benefits with Remunance?

Yes, your team will get all the benefits.

Does Remunance help with recruitment in my industry?

We have a network with different education industries, and portals –  in tech, legal, financial, health care, marketing and media-related services. For more information, please contact us through the form below.

Can Remunance support my team with hardware purchases?

We have tie-up providers that help us with quick and easy local purchases and our team can extend remote support (in local time) to address any issues that may arise concerning the proper functioning of purchased devices.

Can Remunance support my team with office infrastructure?

Yes. Through our tie-ups up with co-working spaces and leasing agencies in metro cities, we can help you find the ideal space for your corporate offices and take care of the administration, as well.


Remunance Services

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