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Excelize: Helping entrepreneurs establish presence in India


A company owned by two entrepreneurs and software professionals from the Bay area engaged in the American architectural business was keen on exploring the KPO model through a subsidiary set-up in India. It was a time when India was undergoing a change in the outsourcing landscape. Many Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (BPOs/KPOs) were booming in India, followed by the success of software outsourcing. Plenty of voice and non-voice processes were moving to India, and Excelize was keen on exploring the same.

Setting up a subsidiary in India is no piece of the cake and requires knowledge of the prevailing market conditions and the legal ways of setting up a subsidiary. Excelize was on the search for a partner who could build, operate, and then ultimately transfer the fully-operational subsidiary. Their primary focus was having organized control over the business operations in India.

After taking notice of the Remunance approach, Excelize joined hands with Remunance into a partnership. Remunance, as an EOR organization, understood the innate need of the global company desiring to form a subsidiary in India while exercising complete control over the business operations. Remunance’s team left no stone unturned in gathering a comprehensive understanding of the business by personally attending their business meetings and tradeshows. Remunance helped Excelize build a robust network of talent in India and staffed the subsidiary with the right architects and draftsmen. Remunance’s team worked in harmony with Excelize for close to a year until the subsidiary gained strength and traction.

Our takeaway from this experience in the early years of Remunance’s journey of tasting success was to hear the COO of Excelize, Ashfaq Rasheed, acknowledge our collaborative, adaptive, and responsive nature in his own words “Rajendra and the team at Remunance are excellent professionals who understand the basics of building a successful business very well. Their foresight and experience are an asset to any company who wants to enter and succeed in India.”

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