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Remunance Independent Contractor Services
Finding You the Best Talent

to Work With

Are you looking to engage skilled Remote Independent Contractors in India without the hassle of navigating through complex employment regulations or putting your business through complete human resource outsourcing?

Remunance, your trusted International PEO/EOR partner, now offers specialized services for Independent Contractors in India.

Our comprehensive solutions ensure a seamless process from recruitment of an external contractor to payment, all while mitigating Permanent Establishment (PE) risks.

The Best Way
To Win Over your Business Troubles


Your dream team of Remote Independent Contractors in India contributing their skills without you getting tangled in the local compliance requirements or risking your business value by human resource outsourcing with this fantastic flow:

Onboarding your contractor

Who Should Opt for Independent Contractor Services in India

with Remunance

Whether you’re a dynamic startup, a growing SME, or a well-established enterprise, if you prefer directing your energy towards core business functions rather than navigating the intricacies of HR services and infrastructural support, Remunance is your go-to partner for hiring and managing external contractors in your team. Our expertise, extensive network, and nuanced understanding of the local landscape are tailored for organizations like yours. No matter where you are your HR services outsourcing to India becomes smooth and easy with Remunance. Make your business thrive with Remunance’s specialized Independent Contractor solutions.


Organizations that wish to process payments to their contractors and while completely eliminating PE Risk


Businesses ready to hit the ground running with their contractors in India and open to dip into the largest talent pool of the world.


Retain control over talent — without going through the hassle of registering their company in India

Difference between an employee

and an independent contractor

When assembling your workforce strategy and HR services outsourcing to India, it’s essential to discern between employees and independent contractors. Employees typically form lasting relationships integral to the business, following company policies and being subject to employer task control. On the other hand, independent contractors engage for specific projects, enjoying autonomy in work methods and hours.

Taxation and benefits also differ: employees undergo income tax withholding and may be eligible for employer benefits, while independent contractors bear personal tax responsibility without employer benefits. In terms of tools and expenses, employees are provided tools and reimbursed for work expenses, whereas independent contractors are responsible for their own tools and cover work-related costs.

The duration of engagement varies, with employees often having indefinite commitments, while independent contractors engage for specific projects or predetermined periods.

When it comes to training and development, employees benefit from employer-provided opportunities, whereas independent contractors are self-responsible for professional development. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for effective workforce planning. Whether you choose employees or independent contractors, Remunance ensures compliance, streamlines processes, and tailors solutions to meet your business needs. Explore our International PEO or Employer of Record services for a comprehensive approach to global workforce management.

Difference between independent contractor and employee

Remunance Support

best independent contractors

Talent Acquisition

Leverage our extensive network and expertise in the Indian market to identify and recruit the best independent contractors for your specific needs.


Customized Onboarding

We streamline the onboarding process, making it easy for your independent contractors to integrate seamlessly into your project or team.

it support

IT Infrastructure Support

For remote working to be successful it is critical that your people have a robust IT ecosystem that can lean on. Remunance has the expertise and network to ensure this. Remunance offers all the support you need.

best independent contractors

Compliance Assuarance

Navigate India’s intricate legal landscape with confidence. Our experts ensure that your engagement with independent contractors complies with all relevant regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications.

Permanent establishment risk

PE Risk Mitigation

Our tailored solutions are designed to minimize Permanent Establishment (PE) risks, providing you with the flexibility to engage independent contractors without establishing a physical presence in India.

Timely Payments

Timely Payments

From timely and accurate payments to tax compliance, our payroll management services ensure that your independent contractors are compensated promptly and in adherence to local regulations.


What is the advantage of engaging Independent Contractors in India?

Independent Contractors provide flexibility and expertise without the commitment of traditional employment. You can access specialized skills, scale up or down easily, and avoid the complexities of setting up a physical office for a foreign external contractor.

How does Remunance help with Independent Contractor recruitment?

We leverage our extensive network and market insights to identify and recruit the best independent contractor talent in India. Our streamlined processes ensure a hassle-free recruitment experience.

What are the compliance challenges when engaging Independent Contractors?

Navigating local laws and compliance for an external contractor in your team can be challenging. Remunance ensures that your engagement with independent contractors adheres to all relevant regulations, minimizing legal risks.

Can I retain control over my independent contractor team?

Absolutely. Remunance empowers you to maintain control over your independent contractor team while we handle the administrative tasks. You get the expertise without losing oversight.

Can I customize the engagement terms with Independent Contractors?

Yes, flexibility is key. We work with you to customize engagement terms that align with your project requirements and business goals, providing a tailored solution for your needs.

Can Remunance support my team with office infrastructure?

Yes. Through our tie-ups up with co-working spaces and leasing agencies in metro cities, we can help you find the ideal space for your corporate offices and take care of the administration, as well.


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