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Transitioning Consultants/Contractors to EOR Roles

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A leading clinical research organization (CRO), based out of Montreal, specializing in clinical research in dermatology, data management, and biostatistical services, envisioned global expansion plans to India. To bear fruit on their business expansion, they needed an excellent remote team and were on the lookout.

A highly compliant company emphasizing research data needed to tick the boxes of being Permanent Establishment (PE) and tax compliant. Their prime focus areas were to resource candidates in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and have activity control over their operations as well. 

However, from their prior experience dealing with contractors/consultants, they couldn’t afford to give a loose hand this time when handling confidential data. Also when the company hired contractors, they exported laptops to India. But complications started popping up when these bulk laptops had to be returned and couriered back internationally after these contractors excused themselves from the projects. 

They had to deal with the speed breakers of customs duty, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, (CBIX). To avoid all these hassles like scaling the operation with the least logistical issues such as laptops, number of money transactions, IP protection, and NDA with freelancers, they needed something more concrete and reassuring when it came to resources especially, like being more compliant when building a remote team.

Remunance as a leading EOR company identified their concerns and most importantly their need to onboard and run a background check of the resources. We stepped into their shoes to identify the right fit for their company and further advised them on the requirement of converting their contractors to PEO employees. 

When contractors are hired or converted to PEO employees, thorough background research is conducted, and the employees’ data is cross-verified. Our team of HR professionals having the expertise of a local EOR company spared no effort in scouting the desired candidates. This employment model extended employee status, a fixed salary structure, defined daily hours, and benefits like insurance, and Provident Fund(PF) to these contractors. 

We placed these candidates in an employment agreement and transferred all these laptops to them once they joined the companies instead of exporting them back. Our IT team configured the laptops and provided data protection to ensure all the security compliances were in check. Finally, after learning about our business proposal and offerings, the company convincingly narrowed down on Remunance, instilled faith in us, and joined hands with our EOR model.

It was heartening to hear the CHRO of the company say “Remunance is an amazing partner who solved all our compliance issues, it took us 8 months to decide on them, but after conducting a strong background check about the company running a compliance business, we are happy with our decision”.

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