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Loxodrome: Establishing an execution centre in India

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A legal process outsourcing company based in San Francisco, USA, Loxodrome was keen on venturing into India’s knowledge process outsourcing industry. They had a clear objective- to establish an execution centre in India for the sales carried out at their US location. To execute the plan, Loxodrome, needed a company that could offer its expertise in building a delivery center and an efficient team for their global company.

The founders and investors of the company were having a plethora of options to jump-start the operations, but it was word of mouth that made way for Remunance. Remunance identified their company’s needs and put to play their experience of setting into motion the process. They converted, received approval on the defined process, created training manuals, and activated local contacts to scout the right resources to set the ball rolling for Loxodrome’s India subsidiary. Remunance’s team surmounted the hurdle of supporting the US-based team efficiently in the discovery process by identifying 25 lawyers who were integrated into the team and equipped with the necessary infrastructure required to be productive.

It was due to the cognizance and recommendation of the Founder of Canbay, Mr. Dileep Nath, also recognized as a serial investor that assisted Remunance in bagging this project. The founders of the company were highly impressed with the bespoke services offered by Remunance and this led them to consider forming an Indian subsidiary of the company. The cherry on the cake for our team while building a subsidiary from the bottom up was to hear out Dileep Nath exclaim “Setting up a new operation in a new geography is a complex task. You need your partner on the ground to be on top of his operational game, you need local knowledge, and a global vision. Remunance ticked all those boxes, helping us set up our India operations without a hitch. We are extremely happy with our decision.”

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