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Gemstone: Being eye and ears on the ground


Portland, USA-based company Gemstone Systems Inc., developing GemFire, an in-memory database product, wanted to kick-start its product development efforts in India. The company thought of expanding its business by engaging a service provider for its support in India.

The tacit knowledge compiled by their team while working with an outsourcing firm was extremely important for successful product development in India. An effective transfer of the team from the vendor to the subsidiary was another critical requirement of the company.

A well-thought-out plan was essential to the transfer and Remunance recognised this need. Remunance stepped in to devise a plan to facilitate a smooth transfer and executed it meticulously.

The Gemstone Systems team, including CFO Steve Bean and Sudhir Menon, Director of Engineering, were kept in the loop and provided comprehensive updates throughout the process. All the team members moved without a hitch to the newly formed subsidiary in India.

With Gemstone Systems directing operations from their base in Portland, Remunance provided 360-degree support to the team in India. With its tech-enabled solutions and prompt delivery and response, Remunance resolved all the issues arising at ground zero in India.

Remunance streamlined all of Gemstone’s back-office facilities, accounts, bookkeeping, and audit and handled compliance management of its India subsidiary. In fact, by serving as local director,  Remunance managed the entire project successfully before the team moved on to VMWare after an acquisition process.

Remunance and Rajendra Vaidya’s ability to stay calm under pressure, strong analytical skills, an in-depth understanding of India’s market, and a global clientele came in for glowing praise from Gemstone Systems’ Sudhir Menon. “Rajendra and the team at Remunance really helped us pull through a lot of tough situations when we were launching our India business. The team’s fiscal prudence helped us immensely. Their ability to plan, negotiate and identify the right talent, was instrumental in our success. Rajendra had a keen eye for what worked in the Indian scenario. It really helped us smoothen our business expansion journey in India. I would definitely work again with Remunance,” said Menon.

Staying true to his words, Sudhir Menon enlisted Remunance’s services again when he expand his own venture, Snappy Data in India.

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