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Loylogic: The journey of smooth subsidiary formation in India


Loylogic Inc., headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is the world’s leading loyalty programmes company that provides leading-edge points commerce solutions to various brands and companies. After getting experience in outsourcing its functions in India, Loylogic wanted to take the next step towards its business growth.

Loylogic Inc. already had a senior employee who was ready for relocating to launch the Indian operations. It required a tailor-made and smooth platform in order to support its subsidiary formation in India.

Remunance, with its first-hand experience in the subsidiary formation, understood the scope of work. By knowing the nuances of incorporating a subsidiary for a foreign company, Remunance educated global directors regarding the procedures and necessary activities.

We stepped in to create a well-rounded support structure and registered Loylogic Inc.’s India subsidiary with the relevant authorities. With its local network, Remuannce scouted locations for a well-equipped office close to the Company’s outsourcing vendor.

The company’s Swiss office already had an inauguration date in mind. To fit the schedule, Remunance worked backwards and created an efficient calendar. With precise demarcations of important milestones and prompt responses, the project was streamlined and executed efficiently as per the promised timeline.

Piyush Khandelwal, Director at Loylogic Inc. took over the India operations with a full team in a tech-enabled and well-equipped office. He was extremely pleased with Remunance’s clinical execution. He said that the Remunance team had exactly mapped the company’s requirements and knew the market very well. By deploying its contacts, Remunance managed to secure the resources required to kick-start the Loylogic Inc. India operations.

 “All our compliance and procedural requirements were met. Post incorporation, Remunance’s services in back-office management were exceptional. The team is thoroughly professional, they provided systematic updates and stuck to the plan that they had presented right at the outset. This allowed us to concentrate on our core technology tasks and eliminated any administrative hassles,” said Khandelwal.

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