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Prepare for smooth operations of your subsidiary in India

Understand the best ways to form your subsidiary in India. Know whether India has the right talent and how you can hire and retain them for smooth operations.

Everything About ASO, HRO, and PEO

Detailed information about ASO, HRO, and PEO services that will help businesses identify the need and decide the right service.

Indian youth: A global workforce of tomorrow

Discover how Indian youth are being recognized as the global workforce. Witness how the government of India is propelling this growth of Indian talent on a global scale.

The best way to offer employee benefits to your remote team: EOR

Gain a clear understanding of employee benefits plans for remote teams in India, enabling organizations to serve better. Many organizations have adopted the EOR model to extend benefits to their contracted workforce.

How is Indian youth a global asset?

Here we have tried explaining how Indian youth is a global asset. Also, we have covered Dr. S. Jaishankar’s explanation of “reverse brain drain” in a podcast.

Why Remunance?

Remunance helps build your team and efficiently navigate your business in India. We offer comprehensive services in legal, accounting, and HR support.

Understanding health insurance for remote teams in India

Gain a clear understanding of health insurance options for your remote teams in India, enabling you to offer them improved benefits.

EOR services in India: your shield against compliance risks

Expect comprehensive insights about protecting against compliance risks in India. Learn how Employer of record in India would be efficacious.

An overview of the cost of building remote teams in India

Explore the overall costs for each business model in India that will help you estimate the budgets for building remote teams.