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Expert HR Solutions for Global Businesses

Welcome to Remunance, where we empower global businesses to thrive in India. Our comprehensive suite of EOR services & PEO services easily facilitates business expansion in India, offering expertise for businesses across multiple nations. With a focus on local knowledge and a global perspective, we ensure compliance with regulations while aligning strategies with your business goals. From HR administration to payroll management and risk mitigation, our scalable solutions adapt to your evolving needs, freeing up resources for innovation and growth. Experience the EOR services & PEO services advantage and unlock the full potential of your workforce in India today.

Locations We Have Our Footprints On

While being a service industry, there is absolutely no place where we do not serve; however, this page is for you to get an idea of which countries our clients are prominently based in. There are no special prizes for guessing the majority of clients come from the USA and UK as they are English first nations and absolutely love the IT scenes in India! However, Canada and the Middle East are closely followed! Now..I won’t spoil everything here, but you can click on the countries mentioned to learn why they love us.

P.S.: If your country is not on the list, trust me, this could be the start of something beautiful.
Learn about how EOR Services in India can help your business, or better yet, just drop your details here and we shall get on a call soon!!

Our clients

From SMEs to MNCs, Remunance helps all to establish a strong presence in India

USA business opportunities

It’s important to address the flourishing dynamic between India and the US in terms of trade relations. The robust trajectory of India’s economy significantly enhances the attractiveness of the Indian market for US companies seeking business expansion opportunities.

Canada Business opportunities

The Canadian government has a strategic advantage in the Indian marketplace,  Canadian investors are supporting the expansion of sustainable urban development in India, planned by the government under initiatives such as Smart Cities and Skill India.

UK Business opportunities

The government’s business-friendly reforms, including the ‘Make in India’ initiative, have simplified processes and reduced bureaucratic obstacles, enhancing the ease of doing business in India and making it an appealing destination for foreign investments.

Singapore business opportunities

The largest share of Singapore’s FDI equity in India has gone to the manufacturing sector. Also, service sectors such as financial and insurance, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, drug research, IT and communication, have gained significant FDI share.

Australia business opportunities

Both sides have taken several steps to enhance their strong economic ties and increase trade activities between them. The Australian Government mapped its pathway, “India Economic Strategy to 2035,” to bring closer economic relations with the latter country.

Switzerland business opportunities

The economic ties between the two nations are stronger because of the investment and trade partnerships. Collaborations between these two countries have not only brought economic benefits but also generated job opportunities and skill development.


How does Remunance help businesses expand in India?

Remunance simplifies business expansion into India by managing employment laws, payroll, benefits, and HR tasks. By assuming legal responsibility, EORs streamline the hiring process, provide flexibility, and save costs compared to setting up a legal entity, enabling businesses to focus on growth in the Indian market.

What makes Remunance unique from other EOR services in India?

Remunance stands out in India’s Employer of Record (EOR) landscape for its emphasis on client loyalty, honesty, transparency, and prompt response. They prioritize long-term client relationships by providing honest, transparent services and promptly addressing client needs within 2 business days or less. This commitment fosters trust and confidence, making Remunance a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable EOR solutions in India.

What types of businesses does Remunance work with?

Remunance serves a diverse clientele spanning various industries. Their clients include startups, SMEs, large corporations, consulting firms, tech companies, manufacturing firms, service-based businesses, retailers, finance and banking institutions, as well as healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. These clients utilize Remunance’s services to efficiently manage employment compliance and hire talent in India without the need to establish legal entities.

How does Remunance ensure data security and confidentiality for its clients?

Remunance ensures data security and confidentiality for their clients by implementing robust measures such as secure infrastructure, access controls, employee training, data encryption, regular audits, compliance with regulations, secure transmission of data, disaster recovery and backup, vendor management, and incident response plans. These efforts help protect sensitive employee information from unauthorized access, breaches, and other security risks.

Ready to dive into the dynamic business market in India?

Remunance is the guiding light for global businesses across continents toward the right path for forming robust and resilient remote teams in India

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