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Employer of Record: To simplify subsidiary formation in India

Employer of record services in India

Sanveo, a construction technology firm, specializes in BIM (building information model), VDC (virtual design and construction), and advanced technology. Founded in 2008, in the San Fransisco Bay Area, it primarily helps customers navigate the challenges faced in using advanced technologies while dealing with complex construction projects in the AEC space. Ashfaq Rasheed, the founder of Excelize formed another company named Sanveo, wherein he started this journey with an Employer of record services in India and then went on to establish a subsidiary. 

The architectural industry has surpassed the traditional limitations of having at-location site presence or standard office hours jobs and now welcomes skilled international talent willing to travel to different locations or extend their expertise digitally. Sanveo decided to experiment with this transition of work model and was looking for a skilled remote team of construction engineers and architects as well.

The company needed local support and resources who could understand the art of collaboration by using the right engineering design software like Jira for instance which aids immensely in project management. Also, who understand the relevance of cocreation by conducting virtual site visits when it comes to structural designing services. 

Remunance as the local Employer of Record services in India, addressed this need of the company and sourced the best remote employees who could visualize and design precise structures without being present at the field or site. After understanding the time constraints, our HR experts onboarded 30 contractors in 3 days, who continued to be employed with Remunance for a period of one year in a fully compliant manner. 

The founder mentioned, “It was nice for us to have expert local support to rely on in India. This experience reminded me why local subject experts matter!”. With prompt response and 360-degree support, Remunance streamlined a successful transition for Sanveo when its subsidiary was formed in India.

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