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Establishing India operations with an International PEO

International PEO

A competitive strategy consultancy from Louisville, Kentucky leverages research-based tactical and strategic insights for healthcare, retail, life sciences, financial, and other supply industries. With a belief in evolution through innovation and a proven management consulting expert team, the company has successfully outperformed the market to this day. After ticking off the boxes of global clientele and a robust network the company further wished to expand its business in India by forming a subsidiary. 

In first-hand experience managing entire operations and recruitment, the India head consultant faced difficulties in finding the right talent and resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence they needed the right partner and guidance to smoothen their journey of business expansion in India.

Remunance knew the nuances of incorporating a subsidiary and suggested an International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) model resonating with the company’s needs. With 360° support in recruitment, onboarding, and compliance management, Remunance played a major role in finding the right fit for the company’s analytics team. Happy with the outcome, the India Head continued with the International PEO model.

“Remunance has extensive experience in building businesses in India, especially for foreign entities. My experience with Remunance services has been excellent and I have been working with them for roughly 3 years now” mentioned the Indian Head. With our global prompt response, delivery, and customized solutions, our client is confident of receiving similar support in the future, whenever it forms a subsidiary in India.