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Establishing India Operations With an International PEO

A competitive strategy consultancy from Louisville, Kentucky leverages research-based tactical and strategic insights for healthcare, retail, life sciences, financial, and other supply industries. With a belief in evolution through innovation and a proven management consulting expert team, the company has successfully outperformed the market to this day. After ticking off the boxes of global clientele and a robust network the company further wished to expand its business in India by forming a subsidiary. 

In first-hand experience managing entire operations and recruitment, the India head consultant faced difficulties in finding the right talent and resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence they needed the right partner and guidance to smoothen their journey of business expansion in India.

Remunance knew the nuances of incorporating a subsidiary and suggested an International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) model resonating with the company’s needs. With 360° support in recruitment, onboarding, and compliance management, Remunance served as the suitable PEO in India for the organization and played a major role in finding the right fit for the company’s analytics team. Happy with the outcome, the India Head continued with the International PEO model.

“Remunance as a leading PEO in India has extensive experience in building businesses in India, especially for foreign entities. My experience with Remunance services has been excellent and I have been working with them for roughly 3 years now” mentioned the Indian Head. With our global prompt response, delivery, and customized solutions, our client is confident of receiving similar support in the future, whenever it forms a subsidiary in India. 

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