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India: Where Diversity

Meets Promise

India, the vibrant tapestry of cultures and dreams in South Asia, isn’t just a nation; it’s an entire universe. With a population that tips the scale at over 1.3 billion, you’ve got a colossal pool of brilliance to dive into, spanning every industry imaginable.

Ready, Set, Boom: India’s Rise as a Global Powerhouse

India is a country that’s not just making history but shaping the future. The economic vibe here is as steady as a rock concert’s beat. Pro-business policies are the headliners, while the growing middle class sets the tempo. It’s like businesses from around the globe are drawn to India’s backstage energy. And wait, there’s more! India’s GDP growth is like the encore that keeps getting louder, and its tech advancements? Well, they’re the special effects that light up the stage. 

The startup scene? Let’s just say it’s a party that never stops, making India the ultimate address for global expansion.

Why India is a favorable destination
for outsourcing and international growth

Skilled Workforce

India boasts a highly skilled and English-speaking workforce across IT, engineering, healthcare, and more, making it a preferred destination for global talent acquisition.

Cost effective
Cost effective

Outsourcing to India offers cost savings without compromising quality, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses worldwide. There is a reason India is a go-to destination for all the businesses

Market access
Market access

India provides a strategic gateway to accessing the vast South Asian market, offering companies a foothold in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Government Support
Government Support

Pro-business policies and incentives encourage foreign investment, creating a conducive environment for international companies to thrive in India.

Innovation hub
Innovation hub

India’s tech hubs drive innovation and digital transformation, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for cutting-edge technology and business solutions.

Our tailored solutions to help you SLAY your India challenge!

Payroll Management

Streamline payroll processes with our expertise, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for your employees and enhancing overall efficiency.

Compliance Services

 Navigate complex regulatory requirements effortlessly, reducing compliance-related risks and ensuring a smooth operation of your business in India.

HR Support

Leverage our HR expertise for talent management, from recruitment to employee development, to build a high-performing workforce aligned with your business goals.

Taxation Guidance

Optimize tax strategies for your India operations, helping you maximize cost savings and maintain financial compliance with Indian tax laws.

Local compliance

How does PEO/EOR guide and

support you in India?

  • Risk Mitigation: Minimize legal and compliance risks.
  • Scalability: Easily adapt to changing business needs.
  • Local Expertise: Access in-depth knowledge of the Indian market.
  • Administrative Ease: Focus on your core business while we handle HR and payroll.

Our Success Stories


Remunance X Medtigo, the success story of building a remote team

Building a team can be a tedious task, especially if you have to build one that is an expert in the medical domain! In this video we present you with a fantastic story highlighting the complete journey from discovery to delivery as to how this fantastic team came into existence.


Best PEO (Professional Employer Organization) in India - Formaliti

PEO offered more flexibility & reliability while building a team in India. Formaliti got the exact talent they were looking for in India to start with, Remunance PEO helped Formaliti saved time as well as proved to be more cost-effective than outsourcing.


Success Story | PEO to Forming a subsidiary in India | IntervalZero

Jeff from IntervalZero describes the journey of American startup with Remunance, how they set up their base in India which later turned into a wholly-owned subsidiary of IntevalZero saved time as well as proved to be more cost-effective than outsourcing.


How do PEO services work in India?

PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services in India involve a strategic partnership between your business, Remunance, and local employees. We become the legal employer of your workforce, handling HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance while you maintain operational control. This arrangement allows you to expand quickly and efficiently into the Indian market without the administrative burden.

What are the advantages of outsourcing in India?

Outsourcing to India offers numerous benefits, including:

Cost Efficiency: Access highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Skilled Workforce: Tap into a vast talent pool with expertise across various industries.

Market Access: Use India as a gateway to the South Asian market.

Quality Services: Benefit from high-quality services, particularly in IT, healthcare, and engineering.

Time Zone Advantage: Leverage time zone differences for 24/7 operations.

How can Remunance help with compliance in India?

Remunance specializes in Indian labor laws and regulations. We ensure full compliance with local employment laws, tax regulations, and HR best practices. We handle everything from onboarding to termination, making sure your operations in India meet all legal requirements, reducing risks and ensuring a smooth experience.

What industries can benefit from PEO/EOR services in India?

In India, the possibilities are as vast as the Himalayas. Our PEO/EOR services aren’t picky; they’re for everyone. Whether you’re in the tech frenzy, healthcare hustle, manufacturing mastery, or financial finesse, we’ve got your back. Startups, mid-sized marvels, and global giants alike have found their secret sauce with our services. So, no matter your industry, consider us your secret weapon for Indian expansion

Cost benefits of outsourcing to India?

Outsourcing to India provides you with the benefit of maximum service with limited cost. You can access top-tier talent without compromising on quality. Additionally, our PEO/EOR services help you optimize costs by streamlining HR and payroll processes, making your expansion into India efficient and budget-friendly.

Time to explore the India chapter!


Our experts can help you navigate through the Indian talent market while providing the best and the most viable solutions for your business, grow your team smoothly with Remunance.


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