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medtigo: The success of using the PEO model in a healthcare industry


medtigo defines itself as a lifestyle for medical professionals in the healthcare industry. Founded in 2014, medtigo offers various services, ranging from medical staffing, emergency, internal, and critical care medicine, physician assistants, anesthesiology, and hospitalists. Along with recruitment in the US, the company is committed to providing high-quality training and certifications in the medical field and maintenance of the PLA directory. 

Originally from Massachusetts, medtigo wished to expand its business in an emerging country. To get this idea into motion, medtigo decided to set foot in India. With the country’s talented and technologically equipped population, India was the right choice for medtigo for building remote teams. To initiate their plan, they needed someone with a better understanding of the Indian market and a proven track record of building professional remote teams with good employee relations for building their IT, customer, and technical support teams.

Initially, medtigo explored outsourcing and contracting as an option to expand its services in India. Looking at its drawbacks, Rick, the CEO of medtigo decided to move forward with an EOR model in India. After careful evaluation and remarkable feedback from sources, medtigo chose Remunance and its EOR services fulfilling its business vision in India.

 Remunance worked closely with Rick, the CEO of medtigo. In the beginning, medtigo partnered with Remunance only for its EOR services and recruitment for the digital marketing team. During this initial process of building remote teams, medtigo realized the importance of having an initial core team structure in India, for its smooth running of operations. 

With this observation, medtigo required additional support and customized EOR solutions for its team expansion plans in India. Remunance recognized this requirement and offered 360 support, and tech-enabled solutions to their India team. It also provided other customized services such as IT and infrastructure support, reimbursements, and compliance management. 

After building the initial Digital marketing team, medtigo began recruitment for its HR, finance, operations, and technical team. As the eyes and ears in the Indian market, Remunance was able to collaborate with medtigo to set up the remote team that it had envisioned and to grow it to a 40-member strong team in less than 2 years. 

Medtigo valued the prompt response, compliant services, and guidance Remunance provided in non-core business matters. Remunance, with its expertise in the Indian market, provided medtigo with the confidence needed to function independently. After testing the Indian business market with Remunance as its EOR partner, medtigo has moved forward in its journey and formed a wholly-owned subsidiary in India.

As per Susan, a founding member of medtigo – Remunance outshined like a true partner by supporting them at all steps of their business journey. Remunance guided them throughout their initial learning process and proved to be the vital elixir for their growth in India. “We will always be grateful to Remunance for your support and education, and we will always consider Remunance a part of the medtigo family” came in praise by the medtigo founders, Rick and Susan.

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