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Professional HR Services for International Industries

In Remunance, we are experts in providing a full range of Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) services to enable smooth business expansion in India for industries across the globe. Our international experience guarantees that your company gains from both local understanding and a worldwide outlook. We put Indian regulatory compliance first while matching our strategies to your business objectives so you can concentrate on innovation and expansion.

Our scalable solutions can handle anything from risk mitigation to payroll management and HR administration, allowing you to free up important resources and adjust to your changing demands. Unlock the potential of your team in India by making use of our EOR and PEO services.

Our Worldwide Presence

Although we work with clients all over the world, the nations included on this page are where most of our clients are located. It should come as no surprise that a large portion of our clientele are Americans and British, attracted by India’s booming IT industry and workforce fluent in English. Clients from the Middle East and Canada follow closely behind. To learn why those nations choose us, click on the following nations.

P.S.: If your country isn’t included, this might be the beginning of something wonderful.

Find out how your company might benefit from our EOR services in India. Better yet, provide your information below, and we’ll set up a call for you shortly!

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How EOR Solves Challenges of the Mortgage Industry

Let’s understand a firm solution to the challenges of the mortgage industry. Here is how EOR helps mortgages streamline their processes.

Addressing the Challenges of the BFSI Industry in 2024

Explore the key challenges of the BFSI industry in 2024. Remote team building using EOR services can effectively address those challenges.

The rising demand for renewable energy in sustainable India

Learn about the ongoing projects, developments, and future prospects of the renewable energy sectors in India for your business expansion.

Build a digital marketing team in India using EOR model

Let’s understand the important aspects of the digital marketing industry. Here is how EOR helps digital marketers streamline their processes.

How does EOR address healthcare sector challenges?

Understand healthcare industry is benefiting from EOR. This blog has addressed very important aspects of the healthcare industry that are mitigated by EOR.

Challenges and solutions of the IT industry in 2024

Explore the major challenges of the IT industry in 2024. Remote team building using EOR services can solve some of the IT challenges.

Challenges of offshore team expansion in pharmaceutical industry

Explore the major elements responsible for the challenges of offshore team expansion and the possible methods to avoid these hindrances

The issues of the architecture industry mitigated by EOR

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How does Remunance help industries expand in India?

Remunance simplifies business expansion into India by managing employment laws, payroll, benefits, and HR tasks. By assuming legal responsibility, EORs streamline the hiring process, provide flexibility, and save costs compared to setting up a legal entity, enabling businesses to focus on growth in the Indian market.

In what ways may EOR services help the IT industry?

By enabling businesses to swiftly acquire qualified individuals from around the globe, EOR services help the technology sector scale quickly. For tech startups and businesses trying to connect with international innovation hotspots, this is especially advantageous.

How does an EOR manage local labor law compliance?

To make sure that all employment procedures are compliant, an EOR keeps up with the latest local labor laws and regulations. This includes handling employment contracts, following the legislation regarding the minimum pay, and making sure that the right amount of taxes and social security is paid.

Ready to dive into the dynamic business market in India?

Remunance is the guiding light for global businesses across continents toward the right path for forming robust and resilient remote teams in India

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