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Formaliti : A PEO approach to manage multi-terrain employees


Formality Pty from Australia is a user-friendly platform for simplifying e-signature access and for easy navigation of documents. Formality Pty was working with three contractors from India, for expanding its services. It expected services such as working on logistical issues, managing expense reimbursements, and individual compliances but required to gain more productive time. The CEO of the company, Craig Wallace (CEO) was looking for a partner in India who could provide a better solution for these tasks. He found Remunance after a continuous search and trials of six months.

With an established outsourcing model and a proven talent pool in India, many foreign companies aim to have a more significant and controlling presence in India. While doing so, along with simplified regulations, companies want to deal with transparent, reliable, and committed people. Remunance is inspired by this ethos and this is exactly the foundation of all its services.

After understanding the problem faced by Formaliti, Remunance offered PEO (Professional Employer Organization) solution along with a few additional services customized as per the company requirements. All problems were resolved for the employees and importantly for the CFO of Formaliti. Through its services, Remunance helped Formaliti Pty. ltd., a 21st-century foreign company, realize it’s India Dream.

That is when Craig mentioned that the course of action within the law, and diligently progressing with our team, Remunance proved to be a blessing in disguise for us. It allowed our team to operate efficiently and benefitted greatly to our employees.

It was assuring when Craig appreciated the Remunance team in the following words, “I would definitely recommend them in negotiating the difficult employment terrain and helping us and our team to feel supported and compliant working with Australia and India.”

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