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Adaptive insights: Perks of partnering with the right PEO

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Adaptive Insights, now popularly known as Workday Adaptive Planning, is a software service company that extends its offerings in Finance, Sales, and Workforce Planning. It was on the lookout for a company to handle its development work and narrowed down on a large software development company to carry out the operations. However, they weren’t happy with the particular collaboration as the vendors kept changing the hired resources. On being disappointed with this kind of partnership, Adaptive Insights went on to form their own entity in India to continue the business operations. However, this move backfired too as they didn’t receive the right guidance on the procedure and type of company required to be formed and the incorporation was time-consuming and landed up forming the wrong type of company altogether.

Now the primary concern of Adaptive Insights after all these unfavorable experiences was to find the right partner to guide them and help them with smooth sailing into the Indian market. Remunance stepped in and presented them with customized offerings after having a series of exhaustive discussions with the CEO of Adaptive Insights, Mr. Rob Hull. On being convinced with the proposed plan of action, Adaptive Insights has continued to use Remunance’s services for good 11 years and hasn’t looked back right from its genesis of kickstarting as a start-up to being acquired by WorkDay to this day.

It was indeed rewarding to be appreciated by the Director of Development at Adaptive Insights, Richard Muirhead for the reliability factor we brought to the table in his words “We are extremely satisfied with the experience. Remunance stepped in and helped us manage our India development center in a very organized manner. Right from matters of talent acquisition to tax compliances, and identifying the right office space, Remunance does it all. We appreciate Remunance’s flexibility and also their nuanced insights helped us grow our footprint in India and also strengthened our relationship,” said Muirhead.

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