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Remunance’s IT Infrastructure Support for India’s EOR Teams

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Managing IT infrastructure support for the employer of record (EOR) teams in India can be daunting. Companies face challenges, like high cost, software licensing issues, and other technical problems when exporting hardware to their remote employees in India. Thus, clients prefer or expect their EOR partners to handle the challenges by making the IT support services locally available.

However, not all EOR service providers offer comprehensive IT support solutions as acquiring IT equipment, such as laptops comes under the capital asset. Also, asset inventory and life cycle management are other responsibilities that dissuade many EOR service providers from offering comprehensive solutions.

In this blog, you’ll learn how Remunance handles IT infra support in India for EOR teams. Also, the blog explains how Remunance fulfills employee expectations and meets the needs of EOR clients for IT infrastructure support. Further, you’ll learn about the cost factor associated with EOR services offering IT support for EOR teams in India.

IT Infra Support Requirement for EOR Teams

IT Infra

EOR employees mostly work remotely. So, they have certain expectations regarding IT infrastructure support from companies. It’s a minimum requirement for employees to use a device with decent performance and high-speed internet connections. Additionally, they require more IT equipment support to ensure the effective execution of their daily tasks and performance efficiency. Let’s explore the key concerns and expectations of EOR employees related to IT support.    

Timely Delivery of Devices

  • Along with the welcome kit, EOR employees expect to receive devices, including laptops and other peripherals on the day of onboarding.
  • Shipping devices through courier services or face-to-face delivery.

Access to IT Resources

  • Accessing the company’s centralized IT tools and resources ensures work quality consistency and maintenance.
  • Pre-installation of all necessary software and applications in devices required for the work profile of EOR employees. 

Technical Support

  • A prompt helpdesk service to resolve technical issues, such as malfunctioning, breakdown, and technical glitches. 
  • Continuous IT support for configuration and software updates.
  • Technical assistance for addressing issues in case of accidental events, like physical damage and theft of devices.

IT Infra Support Services Requirement for EOR Clients  

Providing the right IT equipment and necessary resources is crucial for the effective operations of EOR teams. Companies ensure optimizing uptime and effective handling of technical issues during working hours by using the right tools and support. Also, robust IT infra support allows properly aligned teamwork, effective communication, and project coordination among EOR teams. Let’s explore why is IT infrastructure support services important for EOR clients. 

Cost Efficiency

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  • Exporting devices to EOR teams in India is complex and costly due to customs duties and import-export taxes in India
  • It’s cost-effective if your local partner handles the logistical support including purchasing and delivering to your EOR teams.

Software License Issues

  • Software licensing problems occur mostly in imported devices due to the specific license agreements for local use. 
  • EOR employees can remotely install all necessary software using your software license. Or, EOR service providers can pre-install the software before shipping devices to your team.

Technical Support

  • Handling technical issues related to IT assets for EOR teams is much easier if local service providers take responsibility.  
  • Local technical support eases problems, such as troubleshooting and repairs. 

Data Security and Compliance

  • Navigating Indian laws and regulations related to data security and IT infrastructure management can be eased with EOR services support.

Cost of Using IT Infrastructure Support in India

Direct purchasing and renting/leasing are two ways of assigning IT assets to EOR employees in India. The cost differs significantly between the two services. A handful of EOR companies provide comprehensive IT infrastructure support, including direct purchasing and delivery devices to EOR employees. Whereas, some EOR companies lease or rent devices on behalf of EOR teams. Here are the insights of these two services:

Direct Purchasing

Purchasing new IT devices in India is easy and is readily available unless the equipment needs high-end configurations. Unless the devices don’t require specific arrangements or setups, local procurement is generally the right choice. The cost of hardware is easily available on different portals. If you expect a local support service provider to procure the equipment. Then, the service provider will charge handling and service fees over and above the equipment cost.  


The cost of leasing or renting devices is relatively cheaper than direct purchasing. In India, leasing IT devices would cost 1/10th of the new machine. Many EOR service providers prefer offering this type of service as renting devices comes under the revenue expense of the EOR companies. For technical issues, you can directly contact the company leasing devices and resolve the issues.

Remunance’s IT Infrastructure Support for EOR Employees in India

Once you sign up for Remunance as your EOR partner, we’ll take care of all necessary tasks related to IT infrastructure procurement, technical issues, and any logistical issues on your behalf. Here are the insights on how Remunance handles IT support for EOR employees in India.

  • Logistical Support: We at Remunance provide logistical support by procuring hardware, including laptops and peripherals, and delivering them to your EOR employees. Sometimes, clients want specific brands/models such as MacBook or devices with specific configurations based on different work profiles for their employees. Also, clients offer free hands to their employees to choose any device within a budget. In that case, Remunance collects the purchase invoice from employees and reimburses the amount.
  • Configuration of Security Protocols: Remunance ensures that devices are pre-configured with security protocol settings and necessary software before shipping them to employees. We handle the software installation, licensing, and updation of the devices to protect them from malicious software and ensure data security. Remunance also manages software deployment of specific applications based on the client’s requests and requirements. And, we keep records of issued hardware and ensure timely upgrades of the devices.
  • Technical Support: We provide technical support for any IT issues of your employees and simplify troubleshooting to help minimize downtime. Any employees can contact Remunance’s helpdesk service for immediate assistance related to technical problems with their devices. Remunance has a dedicated technical team that can diagnose and fix issues using remote access tools.
  • Devices Collection and Disposal: Remunance handles device collection during the offboarding of EOR employees and disposes of the devices as per the contract agreements with clients. Usually, we destroy the hard disk of laptops used by employees with the help of an external agency. Or, we completely wipe off data and information from the devices. It’s part of Remunance’s data privacy policies to ensure compliance with Indian laws and regulations, such as the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of 2023.


Companies need efficient IT infrastructure support to ensure smooth team operations and optimize the uptime of EOR employees. With EOR services support, you can ensure streamlined service solutions for procurement and resolving technical issues related to IT devices. 

You can check out the availability of IT infrastructure support in your existing EOR service providers. Remunance has robust IT equipment and service support for EOR employees in India and also handles the asset management responsibility for EOR clients. 


What Is the Role of IT Infrastructure Support Services?

The role of IT infrastructure support services is to maintain effective operation and productivity of employees by resolving troubleshooting and minimizing downtime.

Do All EOR Companies Provide IT Support and Management for the EOR Teams in India?

Many EOR companies don’t provide comprehensive IT infrastructure support services. Some companies lease IT equipment for the EOR teams in India.

What Does Remunance Do to Help IT Infra Support for EOR Employees?

Remunance procures new hardware locally and pre-installs all necessary software before shipping it to EOR employees.

Why is Exporting IT Equipment in India Not a Good Option?

Exporting IT equipment attracts a high customs duty in India. Also, devices that fit your requirements are easily available in India.  

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