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Everything About ASO, HRO, and PEO


When a business grows, one realizes the significance of administrative attention. Having a business includes many responsibilities such as managing payroll, taking care of the hiring process, looking after worker’s compensation claims, performance management, and so on. Every company is constantly in search of a way to have smooth administration and processes so that it can help increase operational efficiency and productivity.

Like every problem has a solution, there are services to streamline your processes and administration. But, choosing exemplary service is one of the most challenging and crucial tasks for every business. 

In this blog, we will discuss Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Administrative Services Organization (ASO), and Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO). Let’s identify their differences and understand the key features that make them unique from one another. Let’s understand how these three services will resolve your administrative problems in different contexts and help you focus on your revenue-generating tasks.

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What is ASO?

Performing administrative functions strategically and letting the businesses focus on their core competencies is what an Administrative Services Organization is known for. ASOs provide services such as payroll management, human resources, benefits, and compliance support.

Keeping an eye on every minute update about legal requirements and ensuring that the business is compliant with rules and regulations is the area ASO experts work on. ASOs don’t handle co-employment arrangements especially designed to mitigate compliance risks and liabilities through outsourcing essential tasks.

In the ASO arrangement, a business can retain its own State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) rate but acquire access to a team of professionals to assist with the claims of unemployment and administration. 

Pros of ASO:

  • You will pay only for the services you actually need
  • You will have functional control over your business’s HR processes
  • Provides best, tax filing, and compliance
  • Provides high-quality administrative support, and back-office support

Cons of ASO:

  • Doesn’t provide worker’s compensation coverage and benefits coverage
  • You will retain the responsibility for vendor interactions

What is HRO?

HRO is similar to ASO except for a few things. The HRO model is known as the à la carte option due to its specialization in HR-related tasks. It is mainly observed that larger companies with developed internal staff and technologically sound enough to manage the majority of the tasks more often consider the HRO option.

HR Outsourcing doesn’t take responsibility for employer partnership which eventually makes it an employer of record. HROs prefer to use their technology and tools to manage the HR processes. HR outsourcing gives you a choice to hand over the whole HR process or a few HR tasks.

Pros of HRO

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Allows staff members to be more strategic
  • Vertical expertise

Cons of HRO

  • Less availability
  • Loss of in-house expertise
  • Reduces human touch

What is PEO?

Professional Employer Organization(PEO) is the best solution as a co-employer who acts as your company’s outsourced HR department. PEO offers all employer-related responsibilities for small to large businesses. PEO becomes the legal employer of the workforce but also the companies can maintain the same relationship with the workforce. 

Locality-specific onboarding, payroll services, taxes, payroll compliance, benefits administration, HR compliance, risk management, time or attendance tracking, and unemployment claim reporting are the tasks done by a PEO. 

One can expect an efficient workforce from PEO regardless of location. PEO will help you enter nearly any market with business registration. Businesses can totally rely on PEO services and focus peacefully on revenue-generating tasks. PEO supports by providing the best mitigation of compliance risks and handling HR and employer-related responsibilities. PEO becomes the best option by reducing the struggle of important aspects such as time, hassle, and cost.

Pros of PEO

  • Simplifies hiring process
  • Provides flexibility
  • Mitigates compliance risks
  • Provides access to global talent
  • Reduces administrative burden

Cons of PEO

  • Potential misalignment between PEO processes and companies’ values
  • Cost can be a concern
  • Security of data is one of the challenges
  • Limited customization because of standardized employment packages 

Difference between ASO, HRO, and PEO

The major difference between PEO, ASO, and HRO is:

  • Professional Employer Organization(PEO) provides the service of a third-party legal employer for the employees and handles all administrative and legal responsibilities. 
  • The ASO involves in the suit of HR services but has no authority to retain the employer of record
  • Human resource outsourcing(HRO) specifically works as a third-party HR functions provider without making any difference to the employer-employee relationship. Also, HR Outsourcing allows you to choose what HR functions you want to outsource.

          Table of Services Provided by ASO, HRO, and PEO


What are EOR and International PEO?

PEO, ASO, and HRO services will help you to set up a business within the country. For those who are looking for talent in a different country without setting up an entity, EOR or International PEO are the perfect options. Finding reliable resources outside the country is one of the challenges. 

In India, Remunance Services is a renowned & leading EOR and international PEO service provider. Remunance is a distinguished Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) company in India that helps overseas businesses with a comprehensive and cost-effective way to build remote teams in India. We aim to help the youth of India by providing promising opportunities and a great work experience with our best EOR services.

Remunance has worked for more than 85 clients from 16 countries across the globe. We are also very proud of our achievement of hiring over 800 Indian employees situated in 34 cities for our foreign clients.

While choosing an option to streamline the processes and administration, it is essential to acknowledge the requirements. One should thoroughly understand the benefits and challenges of every service and then choose according to the need.

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