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A checklist for choosing a PEO service

A Checklist for Choosing a PEO Service

So, you’ve understood how PEO enables your business to hire resources in India without establishing an entity. The truth is, PEO in India is still developing as an industry. The PEOs in the US or EOR industries in Europe have already achieved development. Keeping this in mind, you need to carefully evaluate the PEO service  you are choosing. In this blog, we are sharing with you a checklist of the parameters you need to consider while choosing a PEO service provider.

  •  Experience in the field

As we saw, the PEO model is still evolving in India. It is a good practice to judge how closely the Professional Employer Organization in India can follow a PEO model. The PEO model must follow the Indian government regulations. Rajendra Vaidya, the founder of Remunance Systems, has done a deep-dive in the PEO / EOR industry and its nuances. With diligent efforts, he has adapted the model to Indian markets. The intention is to make PEO services available for businesses looking to hire in India.

  •  Local Presence and Expertise

When you choose a PEO partner in India, you rely on them to have the know-how of the Indian scenario. You don’t want your business to divert its attention from growth to hiring in India. You wanted to hire in India for the additional manpower which could assist your business growth. If this activity keeps divesting your energy and attention, the purpose of hiring Indian resources  is lost!

The Remunance team has deep roots in the Indian markets. In the span of 20 months since August 2020, we have already served 50+ clients distributed across 7 countries. For these companies, we hired resources in India, and managed complete end-to-end HR services for onboarding employees in India. This includes scouting talent, setting up their bank accounts and processing payroll. We even handle their taxes, disbursing employee benefits and administering insurance. We know the subtleties of Indian business, and in turn, how professionals in India think and work.

  •  Sophistication in Local Compliance

Deciding to hire in India comes with the responsibility for perfect local compliance. The employees you choose to hire in India need to have HR paperwork that is in flawless compliance with Indian regulations. Otherwise, there will be consequences for us as the legal employer in terms of penalties and non-compliance notices from Indian authorities.

Remunance goes the extra mile for achieving and maintaining ideal impeccable compliance for all employees it hires for foreign businesses. We achieve this through the use of software processes, staying on top of timelines, We also make spotless configurations, and with our experience in dealing with government portals.

  • Speed of response 

Your business needs recruits, and it needs recruits fast. Your confidence in Indian workforce can be shaken by delays between deciding to hire employees and get them working. You may also be hesitant about the way things work in India.

But the fact of the matter is, things in India are not at all slow or inefficient. Neither is the workforce in India scarce or rare to scope out. We have experience in this field and we can speed up the hiring process because of our skilled solutioning and easy-to-access talent pool.

If you decide to work with Remunance, the entire journey from scoping talent to onboarding work-ready employees becomes convenient.

  •  Agility of Operations

You have your own bespoke requirements and need resources in India for a specific purpose.

Your business is unique and we appreciate that. We offer a highly agile PEO model that custom-fits your requirements like hand and glove. Remunance understands your need for flexibility because we understand your pain points.

We maintain this swiftness by extending additional services. The services include recruitment, IT infrastructure, and logistics support.

  •  Transparency of Operations

Having another organization entirely handle your hiring and HR management is a big test of trust. We ease some of your anxiety about being aloof from employee responsibilities by providing an employee self-service portal. Therefore, we empower the employees hired for you to become independent. To be capable of maintaining their own records, updating their information, and handling their own documents. Our PEO services are completely transparent and we do not hide any aspect of the way we work.

  •  Number of Employees Handled

As if managing human resources wasn’t a tricky enough job, you are now looking to hire remotely and that too through another organization. You need to be sure the PEO partner you choose is equally skilled at handling variable batches of employees. The more the volatility of the number of employees to hire, the more overheads of compliance, taxation, and benefits .

Remunance is no stranger to recruiting variable-sized teams for foreign corporations. We have built a team size as small as just 1 employee to huge 100-member teams. We have seen the whole spectrum. And so we can keep serving you with whatever requirements you present to us.

  •  Broad Industries Experience

How deeply does the PEO service provider you have selected understand your industry? If the PEO doesn’t understand your industry, it cannot understand your challenges. Hence, it won’t be possible to present you with the skilled resources you need for you business.

Remunance has expertise in industries and niche markets. We have observed the ups and downs of these markets and know just the kind of challenges you face. Through our expertise, we can scout just the right talent for you.

  •  Noteworthy Track Records

How many big wins does the PEO agency have under its belt? You want only the most competent PEO service provider by your side, if you want your business to have a fruitful working relationship.

Go the Remunance way:

Remunance is always ready to provide contact details if you need to get references and testimonials from clients we’ve successfully served in your industry and your country.

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