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Why Remunance?

Why Remunance

Starting as a payroll processing service provider, Remunance has a strong reputation in the Indian Professional Employer Organization (PEO)/ Employer of Record (EOR) industry. At Remunance, we have a well-experienced team of experts and offer comprehensive services, technology-driven approaches, and customized solutions.

First and foremost, we value and believe in growing together when you expand a team and establish your business presence in India. Remunance is a trustworthy Professional Employer Organization partner that offers the most reliable solutions and services to help your business grow. We ensure a seamless and cost-effective process for your plan to enter the Indian market.

Here, we serve twofold purposes — your business growth in the Indian market and providing meaningful career opportunities for Indian talent.

Secondly, we believe in doing business ethically and helping our clients grow in compliance with government regulations and laws. We consider transparency as the backbone of any successful relationship with our clients.

Lastly, we believe in mutual respect and trust in conducting business. We respect your confidentiality concerns and care about personal information protection.

Our Services

As a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO)/ Employer of Record (EOR) service provider in India, Remunance offers a range of services to help overseas businesses take their first step of finding talent to the complete incorporation of a subsidiary.

We have three primary services — Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Employer of Record (EOR), and subsidiary incorporation. Let’s briefly explain each service.

Professional Employer Organization

Remunance’s international PEO services cater to the needs of overseas businesses for the quick operation of your team in India. We help locate your resources in India, assist them in administrative functions, and get operational right away. We also co-employ your outsourced resources in India.

Employer of Record

Remunance’s EOR services offer easy navigation of your entry into India without your physical presence in the country. We help you take advantage of accessing India’s vast talent pool and employ them cost-effectively without the establishment of your business entity in the Indian market.

Subsidiary Incorporation

Remunance helps businesses hit the ground running until they decide to operate independently in the Indian market. We assist you with a smooth transfer of remote employees whenever you are ready to form your own subsidiary company. As our motto says, we build, operate, and transfer your remote teams in India.

Core Competencies of Remunance

With Remunance’s PEO/EOR services, you can step into the Indian market without incorporating a subsidiary in the country. As a local guide for your business presence in India, Remunance ensures a hassle-free and smooth start to your business operations.

Our primary task is to take the burdens off your shoulders by handling your non-critical business functions and ensuring you have ample time to focus on your core business strategy and objectives.

We have our core competencies in the following services to ensure that your teams in India operate smoothly and without risks.

  • Human resources management: Remunance starts directly with onboarding if you have a team already or takes care of the recruitment if you need to hire new talent in India. We offer one-stop solutions for human resources (HR) management and look after employee benefits like medical care, insurance benefits, EPF, attendance & leave management, gratuity, etc.
  • Payroll processing: We have a highly experienced finance team who knows how to effectively handle a range of financial functions of your remote resources to avoid risks. This team handles salary processing and ensures that your employees get paid on time (monthly). Also, the team manages other financial-related functions such as tax withholdings and maintaining records of payments of your employees.
  • Legal & regulatory compliance: Remunance’s legal experts ensure risk-free operations of your team and handle compliance matters to avoid legal liabilities. With Remunance’s EOR services, your freelancers or consultants can operate without the risk of permanent establishment and process timely payroll in compliance with government regulations.

Additional Services of Remunance

In addition to this, we also offer some extended services for better service delivery. Stating broadly, Remunance has two additional services — talent acquisition and IT supports.

  • Talent acquisition: Remunance has a team of experts who are well-versed in the selection of Indian talents that fit right for your requirements. We offer an all-in-one recruitment process ranging from the job description preparation to the final onboarding.
  • IT and infrastructure supports: We help you set up office space and provide infrastructure & logistics support for your team in any metro/tier 1 city in India. Remunance has an IT support team that assists you in hardware purchase and management to facilitate the effective operations of your team.

Why Choose Remunance?

Remunance provides straightforward solutions related to finance, legal, and HR functions. Being “the thought leader” in the Indian PEO market, we are proud to be one of the most reliable Indian partners for foreign businesses.

  • Prompt response: We value your time and efforts in seeking to address some of your key concerns, doubts, or queries. We prioritize and promptly respond to any inquiry of our clients, which normally takes two working days or less.
  • 360° support services: Remunance provides end-to-end support from recruiting to compliance services for your remote employees in India. At the same time, we offer customized service support as per your specific requirements.
  • Tech-enabled solutions: We ensure transparency in the flow of communication and operations through our teach-enabled solutions. You can quickly and conveniently conduct information exchanges with your resources through the help of self-service portals.
  • Global clientele: Remunance has helped more than 85 clients from 16 countries across the globe. We are also very proud of our achievement of hiring over 800 Indian employees situated in 34 cities for our clients.

If you plan to establish remote teams in India, we will guide and support you throughout your journey. We have excellent teams of experts and accredited professionals ready to assist for a quick start and smooth operation of your team in India.

In simple words, Remunance ensures prompt response, transparent services, and compliance support.


What does Remunance do?

Remunance, a leading PEO/EOR company in India, offers services to help overseas businesses build or expand their remote teams in the country. We help businesses, especially small & medium enterprises build their presence or expand their remote teams quickly and cost-effectively in India.

What are the services offered by Remunance?

As an international PEO/EOR company, Remunance provides recruitment, HR management, payroll, infrastructure support, and regulatory compliance services. We handle all of your non-critical business activities so that you have more time to focus on your core business matters.

Is Remunance a multi-country EOR or a local EOR company?

Remunance is a local EOR company that provides HR support and infrastructure assistance for remote employees in India.  

How quickly does Remunance help start the Indian team operational?

Remunance helps your team operational in 2-3 days if you already have a team.

Does Remunance help set up a subsidiary company in India?

Yes. Remunance helps you set up your subsidiary company in India. We will guide you and extend our necessary support to allow your timely incorporation of a subsidiary per your requirements.

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