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The issues of the architecture industry mitigated by EOR

architecture industry

Remote teams have brought revolution and majorly changed the work methods for many industries. The businesses have experienced a better change in productivity and the work environment. Architecture is one of the industries that has become habitual with the privilege of remote work systems. Due to Employer of Record(EOR) services, there is a sudden increase in the application of remote work which is advantageous for Architects in many operations.

The development of the technology provides ease to perform tasks collaboratively. The advancement of technology has enabled teams to use video communication and collaborative software tools efficiently.

But, as per the study of the market, it has come to be noticed that the architecture sector is facing a shortage of skilled professionals. A lot of factors are the reason why the industry is facing this scarcity such as the demanding nature of the industry, the license as an architect, and educational proficiency.  It can be difficult to bridge the knowledge and skill gap left by experienced architects retiring, particularly in areas with a dearth of fresh talent.

In this blog, we will examine the benefits of Employer of Record(EOR) services and working remotely for experts in various domains, with an emphasis on how it lowers expenses, simplifies services, mitigates risks, and makes it easier to access talent around the world. We will discuss the function of Employer of Record (EOR) services to help architects operate remotely more easily.

How does EOR address the challenges of architects’ remote teams?

Remote work has its advantages and disadvantages but architects can streamline their services with different tools and platforms that come along with working remotely. Professionals may now operate seamlessly from anywhere in the globe thanks to easy access to virtual reality simulations, cloud-based collaboration tools, and powerful design software. Because teams can now communicate in real-time, no matter where they are in the world, project management is now more efficient.

architecture industry

Global Compliance: Architects’ nature of work is based on projects that span different jurisdictions. Various labor laws and regulations require compliance. Employer of record (EOR) services ensure that all the employees in the remote team are paid and properly classified as per the local laws, reducing the risk of employment-related issues.

Administrative Support: Some of the most time-consuming yet important tasks are managing payroll, taxes, benefits, and other HR-related tasks. It becomes a hassle especially when dealing with remote teams from different locations. EOR makes it easier for you by providing smooth administrative support. Due to the application Employer of Record(EOR) the business can focus on their core tasks. 

Risk Mitigation: Employer of record(EOR) services are responsible for employment-related risks such as tax liabilities, employment law compliance, and worker classification disputes since they are the legal employers for remote team employees. EOR  makes it simple for the architects by mitigating potential legal and financial risks associated with recruiting remote workers.

Streamlined Onboarding: EOR services facilitate smooth onboarding processes for remote architects by handling documentation, background checks, and other onboarding tasks efficiently. This ensures that new team members can quickly integrate into the remote work environment and start contributing to projects without delays.

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Cost of EOR and remote hiring for an architecture in India

Businesses can save money on office supplies, and workers benefit from lower cost of transportation and higher output in a more adaptable work environment. Furthermore, professionals may concentrate on their work without being distracted by outside distractions in a remote work setting, which boosts productivity and improves work-life balance.

Hiring qualified specialists at a lower cost is one of the main benefits of using EOR in India. Indian architects sometimes command lesser compensation than their counterparts in Western countries, which makes it more economical for businesses to outsource specific jobs or create remote teams. India has become a popular location for the outsourcing of architectural services due to its cost advantage, especially for complicated projects requiring specialized knowledge.

The amount of employees, the services needed, and the state of the market all affect how much EOR services in India cost. The cost of an EOR service is on a plus basis. The service charges could range from 8 to 12% or a fixed charge of 50 to 600 USD. An EOR service can save up to 35% of your HR costs.

Although it is an investment, its advantages in terms of operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and compliance make the cost justifiable.

For a better understanding of an architecture’s cost breakdown or salary structure, refer to this article by Forbes.

Access to quality workforce in India

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India is becoming a destination for highly qualified individuals working in the architecture field and at the same time Indian youth has become a global workforce. India has a strong ecosystem of architects due to its enormous talent pool and the increasing number of educational institutions offering specialized courses in these professions. Architects can hire remote employees from various locations with the help of EOR services, providing them with access to more qualified candidates. This encourages variety and competence within the team by enabling architects to hire the finest 

people, wherever they may be. Furthermore, as more people work remotely, businesses are reassessing how much space they need for offices, which can save money and provide them more flexibility when allocating resources.

Several successful remote architectures include:

Architects Margulies Perruzzi: This company, which embraces remote work, is an example of how well remote cooperation may be implemented in the architectural field.

J Kretschmer Architects: This company has been leading a virtual team of architects for 15 years, demonstrating that distant work in architecture is feasible.

Saam Building: Saam Architecture was founded in 2014 and operates remotely with effectiveness, demonstrating the flexibility of architectural businesses to remote work situations.

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How does EOR help the architecture industry in India?

Employer of Record (EOR) services are essential for enabling remote work arrangements for Indian businesses. Employers can manage payroll, comply with legal obligations, and handle the complexity of regional employment laws by working with an EOR supplier like Remunance. 

This enables businesses to concentrate on their main line of business while guaranteeing that their remote workers in India are adhering to all applicable labor rules.

Flexibility in Workforce Management: Without the administrative load of hiring, payroll management, and regulatory difficulties, EOR services enable architecture to quickly scale their workforce up or down in response to project needs. This adaptability is essential in a fast-paced sector where project expectations are subject to change.

Compliance and Legal Support: Foreign and even domestic businesses may find it difficult to manage India’s complicated labor laws and regulations. EOR services lower the risk of legal problems or penalties for non-compliance by ensuring compliance with local labor laws, tax laws, and employment standards.

Scalability: As project requirements fluctuate, architects may need to scale their teams up or down quickly. EOR services provide flexibility by allowing architects to onboard and offboard remote team members easily, enabling them to adapt to changing project needs without the overhead of traditional employment arrangements.

Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring an EOR might be less expensive than establishing a legal business abroad, especially for temporary or project-based assignments. Transparent pricing structures eliminating infrastructure investment and hiring overhead are typical features of EOR services.


This blog is created for informational purposes. Everybody is requested to seek advice from an expert before making a decision based on the information given in the blog. Remunance disclaims any liability/loss or damage caused by using the information, directly/indirectly, given in this blog.

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