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The benefits of working remotely for architects and engineers

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Remote working has become a trend of the decade and it is an excellent way for businesses to grow. This transition of various industries and services to remote working was relatively easy and continues to be. This can be attributed to numerous factors such as increasing connectivity and communication, flexibility, and lastly, the technological boom!

With no language barriers and connectivity overseas, any service startup or SME can adapt to a remote working model for business expansion. To get started with working in remote teams and dealing with all the compliance-related processes, an employer of record is anytime the best choice!

Let us understand how various architectural and engineering industries have adapted to remote working. We will also give a snippet on how an employer of record (EOR) or an International PEO company can be your key to business expansion.

A look at the established industry in the remote world

When we think of engineering or architectural services, we imagine a typical 9 to 5 desk job working on their theme and basic designs. But these services are no longer staying put and have become location independent. Employees are travelling, exploring, and connecting with different cultures and destinations and working remotely on their designs and themes. This allows designers, architects, and engineers to come up with innovative ideas in line with the location they are required for.

The remote system of selecting talent over the location and choosing co-creation over competition along with focusing on quality and flexibility rather than just productivity of employees is something that will stay for long globally.

Can architects work remotely?

How can something requiring physical monitoring, switch to remote working? This is a question that arises when we think of architects. There is always more to their work than just directing workers on the model sites.

Architects in the remote world visualize their models and design them without being actually at the site. Innovation and collaboration are at their peak while working remotely. Construction prototypes are also designed from the scratch in the comfort of their homes or studios.

The rise of remote engineering design services

The preconceived notion that only IT services can achieve high productivity in the remote setup has changed. Engineering services such as data mining and analysis, product designing, and development, reverse engineering, and other computer-aided engineering technologies have marshalled ahead and made drastic progress in the remote setup.

Major engineering consulting and services giants such as TCE, Emerson, ZS consultants went head straight with the remote working model and have shown drastic growth. Now, well into the COVID-19 pandemic, these major players are still working remotely in India and many other locations.

Basically, the day-to-day functions of engineers have remained the same while working remotely. The way the functions are delivered and the monitoring of productivity and quality is different. Booming apps and tools have connected the dots and helped in the smooth sailing of engineering design services.

For instance, Google workspace has made collaboration and sharing of tools easier than ever. With its functions like sharing folder and documents, communication feature through messaging, and creation of meeting invites, engineers have found a way to work in collaboration from any part of the world!

Another tool that is used alot by engineers is Jira. It is an efficient software for working remotely, especially for tracking the workflow of various services and products and for project management.

How are structural designing services adapted to working remotely?

For designers specifically, remote work has been a great way not only to maintain their sanity but also their productivity levels during stressful times like the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided flexibility for completing their projects on time while still giving them space and clarity.

Though it looks challenging for employees from the construction sector to adapt to remote working, the structural engineers have made it work! Virtual site visits through online meetings were a big change. In addition to this, tools such as Facetime, Slack, Facetime, and Whatsapp have helped keep clients, contractors, and designers in the loop regarding project updates. Sketches, designs, and patterns to be shared globally were unimaginable a decade back, which is now a norm in the majority of companies.

An Employer Of Record for your business journey

Looking at the benefits and flexibility of working remotely, it is likely to become a favourable business expansion model for most SMEs.

You might already have an action plan in mind. If not, you might want to take a look at India as a destination for your business expansion.

With favourable FDI policies, and a large pool of talented individuals with a strong technological background, India ticks all the boxes and is best suited for building remote teams.

We at Remunance, help you establish your business in India by using a remote working business model. As an employer of record, we handle recruitment, payroll, and other HR services for your business. With our experience with diverse clients, we curate the best unique services for you.

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