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How Does EOR Manage Recruitment Services in India?

How Does EOR Manage Recruitment Services in India?

The Indian talent market has been influential in the global business industry for quite a few decades now. In recent years, India has witnessed a significant rise in the number of international businesses flocking towards its talent market. The primary reason for this rise is India becoming a powerhouse of talent with eligible candidates rigorously upskilling and reskilling their portfolios. 

This talent upgrade is driven by global economic shifts, transitioning workforce expectations, and rapid technological advancements. With this expanding and evolving talent pool, the recruitment dynamics in the country have become somewhat volatile. Recruiters are adopting new techniques to hunt for the finest resumes while competing for top-tier talent. 

This article is about learning how the most emerging employment model in India— the Employer of Record (EOR) is addressing recruitment challenges in India. The article also talks about the current methods EOR recruiters are approaching to get hold of highly skilled candidates in the country.

Potential Ways of Recruitment in India 

With the constant transformation of the Indian job market, the demand for highly skilled individuals has arrived at a pivotal point where potential candidates are seeking out work-life balance and preferring more remote jobs. The booming start-up ecosystem in the country has also led the workforce to perform in challenging and experimental environments. 

Consequently, this opens up a multitude of opportunities for global entrepreneurs to explore and build remote teams in India. Now to curate a full-fledged highly qualified remote team, any international organization will need to have a basic understanding of how the recruitment services in India work. We have listed down some of the potential methods of hiring skilled candidates so that organizations aspiring to expand their business in India do not feel at a loss.  

1. Job Portals/ Job Boards 

The Indian job portals work pretty much the same as any other country. The recruiters post the job vacancies through the hiring software and collect desired resumes through applicant tracking systems (ATS). The majorly used job boards in India are: 

  1. Naukri: Launched in 1997, this is the oldest and one of the most popular job boards in India. This site is well maintained with all the updated job vacancies and consists of valuable features like recruiter connection, heightened candidate profile visibility, early application, etc. Another attraction of the site is that it is free for job seekers which brings in a vast talent pool to its site for the recruiters.
  2. Indeed: One of the widely used job portals in India, this site is known for its exclusive and easy-to-use search filters which help both recruiters and candidates to narrow down their preferred portfolios and job profiles respectively.
  3. Glassdoor: This is another prominent and trustworthy job portal used by Indian professionals to hunt for high-profile jobs. This site is particularly installed in every aspiring candidate’s phone because it possesses thousands of active job postings, honest and unbiased company reviews, and job ratings from employees, all free of cost.
  4. Foundit: Formerly known as Monster, this job portal assists employers with the geocentric targeting of qualified candidates.

2. Social Media 

HR recruiters are depending on social media platforms more than ever for their hiring processes. This is because Indian youth have been practically sustaining their lives on social media for a few years now. This gives employers access to not only find the right candidates among a diverse talent pool but also helps them do the initial background check of the shortlisted candidates. 

LinkedIn is one such social networking site exclusively used by hiring professionals and job aspirants in India to connect with each other and grow their respective networks. Almost every listed company in India and their recruiters have a profile on LinkedIn where along with hiring, they also share ideas, business updates, and indispensable opinions on a daily basis. Besides LinkedIn, Facebook career groups are also commonly used as a talent-hunting platform in India.  

3. Referrals 

Referral hiring is becoming increasingly popular in India due to its multiple benefits. When a current employee of an organization refers a professional relevant to the vacant position, it becomes easier and faster for both the recruiter and the job seeker to fill the vacant position. Referrals can work through multiple channels like shared networks, alumni associations, social media, etc.        

4. Existing Candidate Database  

The existing database of all the active as well as passive candidates works as a life-saver for recruiters. It helps recruiters to source suitable candidates quickly and get the most quality hires from the database. Also, a candidate database primarily speeds up the interview process for each shortlisted resource. 

5. Traditional methods 

Traditional hiring methods refer to the conventional recruitment processes used to promote job vacancies in an organization. This involves job postings in newspapers and other print media, advertisements on news channels, and using other online media channels. Though this method is used less frequently in the current digital era, it proves to be a useful resource for reaching a larger pool of talent countrywide.                 

6. Recruitment Agencies 

A recruitment agency, also known as a staffing agency is a very popular hiring model in India that specializes in carrying out hiring processes for its client companies locally and internationally. Recruitment agencies have dedicated experts to fill out the open positions of a client organization with qualified candidates. They are responsible for the complete recruitment process which involves job posting, sourcing and screening of suitable candidates, shortlisting, interviewing, and forming contracts or offer letters for selected candidates.  

recruitment services

How Does EOR Add Value to Recruitment Services in India?

Employer of Record (EOR) is emerging as an employment model and a game-changer in the Indian recruitment industry. By utilizing the above-mentioned recruitment channels, an EOR takes care of the end-to-end recruitment cycle for an international business which includes rolling out offer letters to selected candidates and onboarding them to the team to conduct exit interviews for the candidates. An Employer of Record India is not just your hiring partner, it rather acts as a legal employer for your international team. 

Employer of Record (EOR) services in India have a hefty footprint globally as they have the strongest internal recruitment team of dedicated experts with a solid network in the talent market. EOR services in India cumulatively serve thousands of clients spread across continents.   

A significant number of people are new to the remote EOR concept and often confuse it with a recruitment agency. However, it is crucial to lay down the basic differences between the two models and understand how they are poles apart. A recruitment agency acts as a hiring assistant for international organizations whose job ends at recruiting the right talent for a vacant position in the organization. At the same time, a remote EOR is an in-house hiring cell that acts like a recruitment agency plus takes on the entire liability of the hired employees and the remote team on a company’s behalf.   

Now, over the years EOR companies have come across an assorted group of business owners who were inquisitive about the various notions of recruitment services executed by EORs. We are happy to address a few of the common concerns to make it more transparent for organizations that are planning to build a team in India along with EOR services in India. 

How Long Does It Take for an Indian EOR to Onboard the First Recruit?  

Having a strong foothold in the job market, EOR Services in India has a huge repository of highly qualified candidate profiles in its database. Thus, it normally takes a couple of weeks to a month to onboard the first hire to the team. 

What Is the Process of Selecting a Candidate through an EOR?  

EOR Services in India believes in quality rather than quantity and hires only the best-in-class candidates for its clients. There are typically six to seven steps a candidate has to go through before getting hired by EOR recruiters. They are application, screening and shortlisting, technical assessment, technical and HR interview, reference and background check, selection, and job offer and contract.  

Is It Mandatory to Hire through EOR Services in India?

While there are options to hire candidates through other employment models, only a remote EOR can provide comprehensive services including payroll, benefits, compliance management, data security, and employee retention among others.   

What Is the Replacement Clause in an EOR? 

In case a particular employee fails to perform as per the client’s expectations, the EOR partner takes the responsibility of finding a more suitable candidate for the same position on behalf of the client. 

Do EOR Services in India have a Background Check Process while Hiring Candidates? 

EOR Services in India has a very detailed and rigorous reference and background check process for each hired candidate. The employee verification procedure involves criminal records, identity proof checks, employment background checks, educational qualifications, address verification, professional reference checks, and various other background checks according to the business requirements. 


Unique Features of Employer of Record for Recruitment Services in India

The Employer of Record India model is currently flourishing and there is a good reason why. An Employer of Record showers its clients with lucrative and unmatched benefits while making it excessively easy for international companies to hire and expand their teams in India. Let us peek into some of the unique features of an Employer of Record India. 

  1. One-stop shop: Partnering with EOR services in India during business expansion proves to be a blessing as they holistically manage the administration and HR functions of the business which include recruitment, employee lifecycle, payroll, taxes, employee benefits, and employee retention. It is safe to say that when a company onboards an EOR, it does not stop at just recruitment services but also tactfully handles all the other employee-related tasks for the newly built remote team.
  2. Stringent Background-check Process: EOR services in India are always on their toes when it comes to background verification of selected candidates. Given the fact that the employee liabilities of an entire remote team go to the EOR partner, they have a tight and detailed fact-check procedure before onboarding any candidate.
  3. Fast and Flexible Process: EOR services in India take up the major chunk of building and managing an international workforce for a client freeing them up to concentrate on project-oriented goals and operational tasks. It is also flexible in nature as the client can choose and customize the services they want from the Indian Employer of Record as per their requirements.
    It is noteworthy that even though an Indian Employer of Record handles the remote teams for its clients, the control over the teams and individual employees still remains with the clients. Additionally, as recruitment is not the only service an EOR provides, it is flexible with its clients onboarding other recruitment channels according to hiring demands alongside the EOR.


It is needless to say for any business expanding its operations in India, it is crucial to conduct thorough research about all the potential recruitment channels to build a fully-functional remote team. Peeking through the benefits and hassle-free operations of an Employer of Record, one might be tempted to partner with EOR services in India. However, before deciding on a particular EOR, businesses should be totally aware and receive transparent information about the shortlisted EORs. Remunance provides a detailed roadmap for every potential client about the EOR journey in India and how it will help in building and thriving a remote team in the country.    

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