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4 Criteria to Select a PEO in India

PEO in India

Choosing to select a PEO in India is a wise decision. You get to hire remotely in India and scale your business exponentially. But before starting a business with a Professional Employer Organization in India, you need to consider certain criteria. The criteria that you will be using to evaluate a PEO service provider in India.?

In the USA, businesses have clear standards to measure a PEO. Will the PEO provide medical and dental insurance for the employees it hires? Will it contribute toward employees’ 401 (K) funds? What about House Rent Allowance benefits? How will the PEO agency maintain data security for the information it collects from the recruits? These things matter to American employees and, therefore, to American employers. But if you use the same benchmarks to examine PEO services in India, you will find that the scenario here is different. Often, insurance premium is part of the salary breakdown. The healthcare system in India is also vastly different. Insurance is not mandatory to get medical attention or health-checks.

Indian PEO agencies have also adapted their USPs to keep the hired employees loyal and happy. Indian PEOs and American PEOs are very different. It is for these reasons that evaluating a PEO agency in India would not be correct. To help you make a learned decision, we are sharing with you 4 criteria to select a PEO in India.

4 Criteria to select a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) in India:

    1. Local compliance for the employees


All employers are required by law to provide appropriate HR paperwork for their employees for perfect local compliance. Failing to do so will have regulatory consequences for the Indian PEO service provider. Before partnering up with a professional employer organization, ensure you are signing up with a compliant organization. To be certain, examine for the agency’s track record and, if needed, ask for referrals as well.


    1. Capability to hire competent resources


A PEO model offers you solutions to hire resources in India without forming a legal entity. However, the challenge for businesses is not just to hire resources, but to hire quality resources. Therefore, look for PEOs in India who have their own network. They can make the talent pool of human resources rightly available for you.

Moreover, your PEO service provider needs to ensure; the resources they have hired for you are loyal and satisfied in their job profile. So, beyond just finding a PEO service provider who can hire on your behalf. You should look for companies that will implement solid HR practices. These practices will keep your resources engaged and happy with the work environment.


    1. Managing onboarded resources


As you know, the PEO model works such that you get work-ready recruits. This is while the Indian PEO remains in-charge of payroll, employment benefits, taxation, etc.

However, a great PEO partner would also help you extract peak productivity and throughput from your remote team. This is done through extended IT and HR support. It is to ensure that employees don’t face any challenges in doing their best work.


    1. Turnaround times of PEO agencies


When deciding to select a PEO in India, consider the timeline that the PEO service providers can offer. Turnaround times are important because they represent the PEO’s skill and experience. An new PEO service provider can get stuck up in the process and cause unnecessary delays.

Besides, you may not always have the time to wait for your remote team in India to be operational. Having a skilled PEO partner who can speed up the recruitment process is always a plus point.

How can you ensure success with your PEO venture?

It can be ensured by selecting a PEO in India who has carefully studied the PEO model. The PEO model of the USA and adapted it to the Indian market.

Remunance as a success partner

Rajendra Vaidya, Founder of Remunance, has conducted deep research of the PEO model and successfully molded it into the Indian scenario.

Today, Remunance is powered by an accomplished team of experts who understand local compliance like the back of their hands. Our talent pool is sourced from 7+ channels, including Tier-1 Indian educational entities and reputed job portals.

We provide comprehensive solutions through our end-to-end HR services. That includes talent sourcing and onboarding, resource induction under Remunance and bank account setup. It also includes payroll processing, employee taxation, insurance and benefits administration.

When you sign up with Remunance, the entire journey from selecting resources to making them operational is way more convenient.

If you feel you can move ahead with Remunance, you can connect with us to get started.