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Unlocking Opportunities: Establish Your Indian Subsidiary

Properly forming a subsidiary company can allow you to grow your business while minimizing risk to the parent company—and allow both entities to thrive.

Navigating the Subsidiary
Formation Process

  • Market Research to access the viability 
  • Understand the legal requirements
  • Choose the proper business name and structure
  • DIN, PAN, TAN applications
  • Registration process with ROC
  • India Bank Account Creation
  • Local Directorship 
  • All relevant registrations and certifications with respective authorities to ensure total local compliance   
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Why choose an India Subsidiary?

  • Access to a vast and growing market: India offers a dynamic marketplace with endless growth opportunities.
  • Local partnerships and opportunities: We’ll help you navigate local partnerships to leverage the Indian market’s potential.
  • Tax incentives and benefits: Discover tax advantages and incentives available to subsidiary companies.
  • Enhanced global presence: Expanding to India strengthens your global presence, attracting investors and partners.
  • Risk mitigation and expansion support: Minimize risks with our expert guidance and support.

Seamless Subsidiary Formation with Remunance

While the Subsidiary Formation is in process you can continue expanding your global team with confidence with the help of our EoR (Employer of Record) services. We assist you with building your dream team and take care of all payroll compliance of through EOR while providing expert guidance and support for setting up your subsidiary in India, ensuring a successful and hassle-free process. Once your subsidiary is ready to function we transfer over the entire team to your entity.

How does Remunance Employer of Record Help you get started quickly in India while the subsidiary gets registered?

  • Payroll and tax administration: Ensure seamless payroll and tax management with our comprehensive EOR services.
  • Employee benefits administration: Provide competitive benefits packages to attract top talent.
  • Compliance and risk management: Navigate Indian labor laws effortlessly with our expertise.
  • Local expertise and support: Our local presence ensures you receive the best insights and support.
  • Global expansion made easy: Trust us to help you expand your global reach with our proven strategies. Utilize the subsidiary formation time to get started quickly. 
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What are the legal requirements for subsidiary formation in India?

  • Company Name: The name of the subsidiary should not be similar to any existing company’s name in India. It has to be a Private Limited entity registered with the ROC. 
  • Directors: A minimum of two directors is required, including one local resident director.
  • Shareholders: At least two shareholders are needed. They can be natural or legal persons, including foreign companies.
  • Registered Office: A physical address in India is required, which will be the subsidiary’s registered office.
  • Capital: To meet immediate business needs, we recommend adding a minimum of 1,00,000 INR as paid-up capital and 10,00,000 INR as subscribed capital.
  • Legal Documents: During the filling process, it is vital to submit an AoA (Article of Assosiation) and MoA (Memorandum of Assosiation), which defines the activity scope of the organization along with various other legal nuances. A Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) are essential to confirm authenticity before submitting the form. 
  • Approval and Registrations: Depending on the business sector, certain approvals from various government authorities might be required.

How long does the subsidiary formation process take?

The process can vary based on several factors, but on average, setting up a functional subsidiary in India can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. This includes the time for obtaining DIN, DSC, name approval, and incorporation certificate. Additional approvals, if required for specific sectors, might extend this timeline.

What are the tax implications of having an Indian subsidiary?

Corporate Tax, Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), Transfer Pricing, and a few Other Taxes might be applicable depending on the nature of the business.

Can I manage my subsidiary remotely?

Yes, with advancements in technology and communication tools, many aspects of a subsidiary can be managed remotely. However, certain key decisions and compliance matters might require a physical presence or a local representative. Furthermore, having local management can assist in understanding and navigating the Indian business culture and regulatory landscape.



Operations Head
CXO Systems Inc. – CA, USA

Incubating a new operation in a new geography is a complex task. You need operational support from somebody that possesses local knowledge and global vision. After evaluating various alternatives, we chose Remunance to set up our India operations and are really happy with our decision.
Incubating a new operation in a new geography is a complex task. You need operational support from somebody that possesses local knowledge and global vision. After evaluating various alternatives, we chose Remunance to set up our India operations and are really happy with our decision.

Dileep Nath
Loxodrome Solutions Inc. – San Francisco, USA

remunance logo
Have worked with Rajendra for 14 years now and he has helped me launch two startup operations in India and to this day continues to help us stay compliant with the local laws and provides me with the peace of mind that one needs when working in an Indian context. Can't thank him enough.

Sudhir Menon (Founder -Snappy Data),
– Portland, Oregon, USA

Ours was a new business and we wanted a BOT vendor who is adaptive, quick learner and highly responsive. Remunance was exactly that. It was a great experience working with Remunance team.


Excelize Inc.

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