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Indian-Swiss Business Collaborations Boosts Jobs

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It’s been 75 years since India and Switzerland have joined hands and continued friendship. Due to Switzerland’s significant foreign direct investment, the relationship and bond between the two countries have become stronger. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Switzerland is India’s one of the principal partners in Europe.

India and Switzerland share a longstanding history of diplomatic ties that have evolved into a robust collaboration, especially in the business sector which created business opportunities. This collaboration is not only boosting economic ties but is also opening up exciting avenues for job opportunities for Indians in the Swiss market.

India-Switzerland relations: A historical overview

India and Switzerland formed Diplomatic relations in 1948. Over the years, the relationship between the two countries has deepened, moving beyond cultural exchanges to economic cooperation and trade partnerships. Today, these two nations stand on the brink of a new era of collaboration, focusing on creating business opportunities, business expansion, and mutually beneficial ventures.

The business expansion opportunities in India

India’s economic landscape:

India’s economic landscape has witnessed remarkable growth, making it an attractive market for global businesses. The country’s vast consumer base, technological advancements, and rapid growth of the middle class have positioned it as a key player in the global economy.

Attracting global businesses:

India has applied several smart strategies to attract global businesses. Importantly, India reduced the corporate tax rate, addressed liquidity issues in non-banking financial companies and banks enhanced the ease of doing business in India, and implemented reforms in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy.

India has attracted many foreign companies with its stable economic environment, coupled with a skilled workforce, which eventually makes India a favorable destination for Swiss businesses looking to establish a robust presence in the Asian market.

Industries at the forefront:

Industries that are at the forefront are information technology, pharmaceuticals, finance, and renewable energy. The convergence of Swiss expertise and Indian resources creates a dynamic environment for innovation and growth.

Due to the implementation of favorable government policies, India has witnessed a drastic growth in its attractiveness as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment(FDI). Indian Government has supported these policies by emphasizing sectors like defense manufacturing, real estate, and research and development. 

Current scenario of Switzerland services in India

Financial sector collaboration:

Switzerland has a stable and excellent record in financial services. Now, they have established a strong presence in India’s financial sector. Swiss banks and financial institutions contribute to the growth of India’s banking and financial services industry. As per the note by Jefferies, Beleaguered Swiss bank Credit Suisse has a humongous presence in India and is one of the top 15 foreign banks in India. As per the note, the bank owns assets worth more than Rs 20,000 crore.

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Investment and trade partnerships:

The economic ties between the two nations are stronger because of the investment and trade partnerships. Collaborations between these two countries have not only brought economic benefits but also generated job opportunities and skill development.

Why do Swiss companies favor India?

According to the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Switzerland’s investment in India is around USD 9.80 billion between 2000 and 2023.

India has always been a priority country for Swiss foreign economic policy. India is widely known as the fastest-growing economy in the world and has the potential to offer plenty of opportunities for Swiss companies

Skilled workforce:

One of the key reasons Switzerland companies favor India is its skilled workforce. India’s education system produces a large pool of highly qualified professionals in fields such as technology, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and finance.

Competitive edge: 

Another factor attracting Swiss companies is India’s competitive edge in the global markets. The country’s emphasis on innovation and adaptability aligns with Switzerland’s commitment to excellence, creating a synergistic environment for collaboration.

Priority sectors for Swiss companies in India


Switzerland prioritizes the pharmaceutical sector for collaboration. 

Swiss pharmaceutical companies have set up research and development centers in India and have opted for a large talent pool of scientists and researchers.

Information technology:

Around 320 Swiss companies are present in India and 30 out of those companies have an R&D department. Switzerland is forming imperative collaborations in Information Technology with India and outsourcing IT services to Indian Firms.

This shows the competitiveness of Swiss businesses that have a big contribution to the growth of Indian IT industries.

Renewable energy:

Collaboration in the renewable energy sector reflects a shared commitment to sustainable development. Joint ventures and partnerships aim to harness clean energy sources, addressing environmental challenges on a global scale.

Switzerland E2S Power that is a Swiss-based developer of thermal energy storage solutions, and domestic power utility India Power Corporation Ltd have come together to work closely on transforming fossil fuel power stations into thermal storage systems for renewable energy.

The skills and resources of India offer new opportunities for Swiss companies

Outsourcing and offshoring:

Swiss companies are majorly outsourcing to India and employing skilled professionals, especially from the IT and pharmaceutical industries. Outsourcing has immense benefits in that Swiss company established offshore development centers with research facilities in India.

Employment Opportunities for Indians in Switzerland

Skilled workforce from India:

Switzerland, with its precision engineering and innovation, seeks skilled professionals in various sectors. India’s vast pool of qualified and experienced workforce provides a valuable resource for Swiss companies looking to fill specific skill gaps.

Cross-cultural integration:

As Indian professionals work on projects or join teams in Swiss companies, they contribute their expertise while gaining valuable international exposure. Cross-cultural interactions enhance collaboration and mutual understanding, fostering a multicultural work environment.


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An important turning point in the bilateral relations between Switzerland and India is the expansion of their business partnerships and the creation of business opportunities. Beyond only boosting the economy, these partnerships help to globalize the workforce by providing skilled Indian professionals with a wealth of job opportunities. The future of India and Switzerland’s economic collaboration will surely be greatly influenced by the reciprocal exchange of talent and experience as their relations continue to grow.

The cooperative initiatives in several sectors demonstrate a common dedication to innovation, sustainability, and both countries’ economic development. The combination of Switzerland and India is well-positioned to establish a vibrant and inclusive international business climate as problems are solved and solutions are put into practice.


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