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How is Indian Youth a Global Asset?

How is Indian Youth a Global Asset?

A stronger present makes the future better. India is the best example of a stronger present because of its skilled and pragmatic youth, the country is paving the way towards a promising future. During this rapid globalization and interconnected world, youth is the biggest asset for India, among which 50% is below the age of 25.

With an emerging youth, India holds 5th place in the list of largest economies in the world and immensely contributes to the world’s GDP. Indian youth can bring betterment and be the reason for the nation’s progress at the global level.

How Indian Youth is Contributing to the Country?

Having competent youth is a unique demographic advantage and India is fostering this advantage by investing in human capital development. India has fastened its belt and enhanced its strength by using the immense potential of the youth to stand tall and match the speed of this dynamic and ever-changing world.

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This blog mainly covers imperative pointers about how is the youth of India a global asset and helps the country grow globally.

Advantageous Cross-cultural Understanding of Indian Youth

Before we start with “Why does the global market prefer Indian candidates?”, let’s get to the roots and know the reason “why Indian talent is flexible and suitable for any conditions?”

India is globally famous for its rich cultural heritage, linguistic diversity, and multicultural society. Indian households nurture the youth with tolerance, adaptability, and foster cross-cultural understanding. This distinctive environment makes them suitable for international collaborations and acknowledges cultural differences.

This ability to build associations with various people and develop various cultural contexts makes them ideal global representatives, enabling international interaction and increasing understanding.

The Technological Prowess of Indian Youth

In recent times, Indian youngsters are globally known as savvy and quick because of their consistent contribution to technology on the global stage. India is very well-known for its proficiency in information technology and programming skills. Their firm foothold in the international tech sector is evidence of their efficiency and adaptability.

India prefers to nurture bright minds with an extensive higher education system by fostering research and innovation. Indian youth is highly efficient and adaptive to any emerging technology.

India is a leading technological hub in the South Asian region. Due to the start-up environment, colleges, and technology-driven findings, India has a wide range of talent pool. Institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), National Institute of Technology(NIT), Birla Institute of Technology and Science(BITS), etc, have provided tremendous talent to India. Some of the CEOs in Silicon Valley belong to these technological institutes.

Indian youth play a key role in determining the direction of society and where the world is moving through technological changes and using them innovatively. India’s research and academic achievements contribute value to the global knowledge pool. Examples like Sundar Pichai and Parag Agarwal prove the stronghold of India in the global market in terms of technology and development.

World Business Prefers Indian Youth

India has the most skilled and efficient resources than any other nation which is the reason why world business is exploring business opportunities in India.

Prime Reasons:

  • Technological advancement
  • Active participation of the Indian government in world trade
  • Cost-effective human resource
  • The widely acknowledged Indian education system

Currently, many top global businesses prefer Indian candidates when it comes to hiring. More than 1200 world leaders from countries like the US, the UK, and Japan are interested in extending business relations with India.

Also, according to the prediction, the top three countries that are likely to ace 21st-century economies are the United States, China, and India. 40% of the world’s GDP (gross domestic product) is provided by these three countries. While addressing the recent US visit of the Prime Minister of India, he said, “Today, India is the 5th largest economy and soon to be the third-largest in the world.” India is not only growing bigger but also faster.

The External Affairs Minister of India Explains the Reverse Brain Drain

In the recent podcast of The Ranveer Show, a famous lifestyle YouTuber and the host Ranveer Allahbadiya invited Dr. Subramaniam Jaishankar. The podcast turned into an interview where Ranveer asked very imperative questions about the government’s agendas for Indian youth and Dr.S. Jaishankar answered them with clarity. One of the questions highlighted the concept of brain drain in India, and Dr. Jaishankar briefly explained it with a theory of reverse brain drain.

Substantial immigration or migration of individuals or talents is called Brain drain which leads to losing a country’s valuable asset. Many Indian talents left the country since they found better opportunities abroad.

But, “The world is no more the way it was 10 to 15 years ago. If you had left the country for an opportunity, you can come back and settle down in India again.” said External Affairs Min Dr. S. Jaishankar during the podcast. It can be denominated a “reverse brain drain”.

He also stated that “Silicon Valley is much more interested in valleys in India,” which suggests that businesses in Silicon Valley are looking for talent and business opportunities in India such as Apple.

Big businesses in India are also planning to invest a little more in India instead of abroad. This assures betterment in terms of employment and new opportunities for youth in India.

Imperative Initiatives of the Indian Government

Just like a warrior with a sword is nothing without expertise, youth with qualifications are nothing without skills. The government of India understands the importance of the youth that leads some imperative initiatives such as the Skill India Mission which aims to train 400 million youth in training different skills, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana to encourage the youth with monetary rewards and certifications, Startup India, Atal Innovation Mission, Digital India, etc,

In 2020, Indian e-Governence introduced YUVAi (Youth for Unnati and Vikas with AAIprogram). To foster a deep understanding of AI in the south of India, Indian Government has taken the initiative.

Such initiatives will help to pay the way for the youth of India to become a global asset. Youngsters may gain access to diverse perspectives, cosmopolitan opportunities, and wisdom because of such skilling programs.

Remunance: a Great Help for the Youth in India

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We firmly believe that Indian talent possesses the unparalleled potential to emerge as the solution provider for global challenges, thereby establishing itself as a valuable global asset.

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