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Clinical Research Organizations (CRO): Its effective switch to remote working


It is no secret that freedom and flexibility while working remotely are valued by employees. The COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked this remote-working trend and was adopted by SMEs and startups to continue their services. The majority of the IT, engineering and telecommunication industries have switched to remote working and expanded their businesses globally. 

The clinical research organizations and contract research organization were no different and made the switch to working remotely. With modern technology and virtual tools, these companies have become digitally equipped and tech-savvy. 

The new reality of modern technology and process have provided benefits for various services such as clinical data management, pre-clinical trial analysis, pharmacovigilance, and so on. We are past the era where research meant white coat technicians constantly working in the laboratories. Virtual trial site tours, data analysis for preliminary drug studies, and clinical database management have kept the research boat sailing even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How can an International PEO service or Employer of Record help in remote working?

Remote working is now a popular choice for any SME to expand their business globally. An international PEO service or an Employer of Record deploys this model and guides you through your business expansion journey in India. It is the best-suited starting point for any SME. With an expert team and HR solutions customized as per company goals and objectives, an International PEO will help you venture into the business market in India.

Any Clinical research organization or a contract research organization can choose this option and become the CRO solutions provider for various life sciences, healthcare and pharmacology service industries in India. 

How do Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) function remotely?

Clinical research organizations and contract research organizations offer numerous services from pre-approval of drugs to regulatory approvals and filing. Though data analysis, telematics, and remote drug deliveries were common before, remote working has boosted the adoption of various other functions such as trial studies, pre-trial data collections, data analysis, and so on. 

Remote working is now a catalyst for changing the way we conduct services in the clinical and research field. Let us glance through the changes adopted by CROs for functioning remotely

Switch to virtual mode with the right technology

The new reality of remote clinical research is possible due to modern, cloud-based platforms. AI-powered data analytics, clinical trial management systems and other virtual platforms for electronic data capture have improved data capture from clinical trials without human intervention. 

In addition, smart wearable devices or phones have become alternatives to traditional trials and made it possible to obtain real-time patient data without visiting the trial site or patient location. 

Learning and development for remote clinical research 

Training and skill development are important aspects of Clinical research organization. Having skilled trial coordinators, data analyzers, and scientists with the necessary training is important for any research project and clinical data management. 

Employees can now take up online courses and get equipped with the necessary skill set. Virtual classrooms and online training have embarked on new ways of teaching and learning. 

Remote working has not only helped in upscaling the skillset of the CRO workforce but allowed knowledge sharing without any geographical barriers. With the accessibility of information through remote training, CRO employees can remain up to date with recent developments in the field of clinical research. 

Availability of skilled resources

With connectivity and availability of skilled workforce across various countries, clinical research organizations and contract research organization can recruit talent from various geographical regions. Opinions from employees with specific skill sets for drug information and data analysis can be taken remotely without getting into the trouble of relocation or visitations.

Remunance for expanding your India base 

Starting a business in India or going about with the subsidiary registration can pose a challenge for a foreign business person. Remunance, as an International PEO service or an EOR, can be instrumental in a business expansion. By HR solutions, payroll, compliance, and recruitment are taken care of, any CRO can build its remote team and focus on its business expansion journey in India. You can reach out to us to understand how Remunance can help your organization set foot in India.

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