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Benefits of working remotely for the healthcare industry

Benefits of working remotely for the healthcare industry

The concept of working remotely changed a plethora of industries. It is intriguing to find out that healthcare industries have embraced this transition to remote working. It took a very short time for everyone to adjust to the virtual patient-doctor consultation.

Different services of the healthcare industry such as pharmaceutical and clinical research, telemarketing, and technological advancements have been working on their strategies and growing their business by building remote teams.

This blog primarily focuses on the healthcare sector and its business services. It explains how these business services thrived through the COVID-19 pandemic and helped the healthcare domain in today’s world.

Healthcare industry and its switch to a remote working model

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift to remote working. Caregivers and healthcare professionals avoided in-person meetings.  In fact, many business functions involved in the healthcare industry shifted to remote functioning and are still working on the same grounds.

The business services working remotely included research, data management, medical sales, insurance, healthcare IT support and software application management. This ensured business continuity and employee productivity going forward.

Majority of the healthcare professionals adapted to digital healthcare for coping with the severe second wave of COVID-19 in 2021. As per Future Health Index 2021, 75% of respondents from the 200 participants, reported virtual and remote healthcare as their top priority.

The report also suggested that 94% of respondents, plan to make an investment in AI technologies and incorporate it in daily operations, diagnostics, and data analysis.

Changing scenarios in the healthcare sector

Virtual meetings, software for communication, and various databases for medical data management helped reduce in-office to and fro and saved time to address various healthcare issues.

Apps for appointment booking and scheduling meetings, and the emergence of numerous advanced software and databases have kept the continuum of work in a remote environment. So much so that telemedicine, which involves consultation through video calls has been incorporated into the insurance and medical plans by various companies.

Such a technological boom tilted the scales to working remotely in the case of many healthcare business services. Government bodies across the world are also supporting this technological growth. For instance, in August 2022, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced that the launch of Made in India 5G services will revolutionize contactless and remote healthcare services in India. In addition, it will reduce hospital visits and will help provide healthcare services in rural areas.

But it still has not replaced the skill, craftsmanship, and expertise of a doctor for performing surgeries and for conducting physical x-rays and tests.

How does working remotely help in research and development?

With healthcare technology and software touching new avenues, it has had a drastic effect on clinical and drug development research and simplified contactless services globally.

Through new gadgets, sensors, and wearables it’s easy to access precise statistics of trial patients. The data acquired from the trial patients are monitored and scrutinized remotely in minutes without any hassle!

Pharmacovigilance and post-marketing analysis got a new face due to extensive data acquisition from the local areas and even overseas. This exponential growth of drug discovery and remote data analysis pushes the pendulum towards the “remote first” business model in the healthcare industry.

This has also made finding talent with the right skill set easier than ever. You could hire employees from anywhere in the world and build remote teams for your business.

How does Remunance help build remote teams for your business?

When we look at the current scenario, in the post covid era,  the trend of remote working has inculcated deeply in a majority of healthcare functions.  This working model also motivates healthcare professionals to provide services overseas and outside local areas. SMEs keep this in mind during the recruitment process. Hence, understanding the ways of working remotely is very important globally.

It is also important to tap the right market and hire employees with the right skills and craft. India, with its diverse and abundant resources, can provide one of the best locations for executing your services remotely. With its skilled, educated, and English speaking population, India becomes an efficient road map for business needs.

To simplify your journey in the remote healthcare domain, you can definitely consider partnering with International PEO services or an EOR. With experience of working with 65 plus clients, Remunance can help in soft landing your business in the Indian market.