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Finnish Global Education Solutions’ Visit to India: Strengthening Educational Ties


In an endeavor to fortify the educational connections between Finland and India, Finnish Global Education Solutions (FGES) embarks on a significant two-week journey to India. This visit, spearheaded by FGES, is poised to cement the bonds between educational stakeholders in both nations, fostering a robust platform for collaboration and innovation in the realm of education. 

Unveiling the Purpose of the Visit

The Finland Embassy in India has enthusiastically announced FGES’s visit, commencing from January 29 and spanning over a fortnight. This visit is meticulously designed to bolster ties between education stakeholders, especially in light of the recent formal partnership between FGES and Stones2Milestones, a prominent EdTech entity in India.

Roadshows: A Gateway to Knowledge Exchange

One of the pivotal highlights of FGES’s visit is the series of roadshows scheduled across various Indian cities, including Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi. These roadshows serve as vibrant platforms facilitating dynamic knowledge exchange and fostering invaluable partnerships between educational institutions in India and Finland.

Collaboration and Innovation

The collaboration between FGES and Stones2Milestones signifies a significant stride in the education partnership between India and Finland. The primary objectives of this visit encompass fostering educational collaborations, exchanging best practices, and exploring avenues for innovative and impactful learning solutions within the Indian education landscape.

A Testament to Exciting Opportunities

Sonali Saigal Kapur, Senior Advisor at Business Finland, underscores the excitement surrounding this collaboration. The eagerness of FGES to commence operations in India promptly reflects the vast opportunities identified within the Indian market. This sentiment is further echoed by the increasing number of Finnish education companies exploring and committing to the Indian market in recent years.

Revolutionizing Global Education: A Groundbreaking Partnership

A groundbreaking partnership formalized between Stones2Milestones and FGES aims to revolutionize global education. With a focus on enhancing teacher skills and bringing the Finnish learning approach to Indian schools, this partnership also emphasizes creating advanced technology solutions for worldwide implementation.

The Visionary Voices

Antti Kaskinen, CEO of Finnish Global Education Solutions, expresses elation about the collaboration’s potential impact on global education. He emphasizes the companies’ joint efforts to introduce groundbreaking solutions, spearhead school transformations, provide comprehensive teacher training, and enhance education methodologies.

Nikhil Saraf, Founder and CEO of Stones2Milestones, echoes this sentiment, labeling the collaboration as a turning point in global education. Saraf emphasizes the mutual exchange of innovative learning solutions and practices between Finland and India, poised to positively transform education on a global scale.

Aligning Expertise with Opportunities

Finland’s expertise in early childhood education, playful learning, and digital education aligns seamlessly with the burgeoning opportunities in the Indian education market. The collaborative goal is to adapt Finnish solutions to local needs, thereby contributing to the growth and development of the education sector in India.

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