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Parameters to decide location while forming a subsidiary in India

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An important strategic choice, setting up a subsidiary in India necessitates careful consideration of numerous aspects. India is a desirable location for foreign organizations aiming to increase their worldwide reach due to its enormous market and developing economy. However, choosing the ideal site is crucial to your subsidiary’s success.

Finding the right location for company formation is a pivotal decision that can potentially affect the success of your organization or business. Finding the perfect location in India that is geographically diverse, you will have a plethora of options for establishing your business.

In India, every location is unique and filled with advantages. Let’s understand the parameters one should consider while deciding the right location for company formation that will help you conclude a smooth work culture and process. In this post, we’ll examine the crucial factors to take into account when deciding where to establish a subsidiary in India.

The ecosystem of the country

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The ecosystem of the country is one of the significant aspects that define the overall situation of the country. Analyse and evaluate whether the selected location has a deep-rooted ecosystem that is suitable for your industry to help you in setting up a subsidiary in India. Let’s take the example of Banglore and Hyderabad, these cities are famous for IT ecosystems, and Mumbai is an economic hub. Bangalore is considered to be one of the best business locations to transform digitally as per the research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on 45 global cities. Also, it included Mumbai and New Delhi in the top four locations. Consider the stats about the ecosystem of the country and decide the right location accordingly.

Availability of talent

India has a vast talent pool that is contributing to giant businesses all over the world. India is famously known for its supply of skilled IT professionals. The country’s well-built education system has produced numerous STEM graduates. India has provided the best software engineers, programmers, and IT specialists who are leading the industry. 

In terms of the employability of young candidates, India is improving day by day. As per the report of The India Skill Report 2023, it has increased from 46.2% to 50.3%. This means it would be easier for the overseas business to find the right talent in India. With the help of EOR services, you will get access to the large talent pool in India.

Infrastructure and connectivity

Considering better infrastructure and connectivity of the location will result in the smooth functioning of your team. Transportation, internet connectivity, and accessibility to the location play a significant part. In terms of connectivity and transport, airports, railway stations, and major highways should be at a short distance of the location. This may help your workforce and clients as well.

At the same time, internet connection is one of the crucial factors when it comes to remote work and communication. Make sure the location has an internet connection with no interruption.


India has approximately 8 metro cities, all of which have different costs of living. Due to the diverse culture and lifestyle of India, it will be crucial to choose the right location as per your budget. If the living cost is high, it will eventually affect the infrastructure cost, and hiring and retaining talent cost.



Registration Fees: The cost of registering in India varies on the structure of your company.

Legal and compliance costs: For the Memorandum of Association and Article of Associations, appoint a legal expert to draft the document. An EOR service would be an asset in such cases. 

Salaries: Labor cost depends on the selection of the location,  industry, and skill set of the candidate. 

Office Space:  Cost is an important factor to consider while renting or purchasing office space. 

Consider the running cost by keeping the factors above and your requirements in mind that will help you choose the right location for your company incorporation.  



Security is the main priority while planning for company formation. Feeling safe and protected in a different country is one of the significant concerns. Some businesses check for strict and more elaborate security arrangements.  A company that accesses essential information and personal data will always opt for a location with better security and tech-savvy infrastructure. Ensure the overall crime statistics of a locality and necessary precautions must be taken. Some segments are evaluated to grow between 10% and 15% annually. Indian safety and security industry is achieving precision and accuracy that has experienced steady growth in recent years. 

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Establishing an entity or company formation in India has a lot of things to look after. Having absolute knowledge of every niche of the Indian Market and the things mentioned above would help you pave the way for company incorporation. Hiring someone local with a great understanding of the Indian market and mastery of company incorporation would make it easier for you. Remunance will help you understand the ground realities and niches of the Indian market.

Remunance has worked for more than 85 clients from 16 different countries and hired over 800 Indian employees for foreign clients. Remunance ensures effective management and risk-free business operations by providing the best insights about market behavior, people, culture, workforce strength, work environment, and government regulations. Remunance will provide smooth operations to form your subsidiary in India.

The parameters mentioned above will be taken into consideration by Remunance and provide smooth performance in mitigating all the issues.

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