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Competing in the global economy takes very careful execution as any company introduces products into and builds a team in new economies. Whether expanding into India or China or any country, having a trustworthy partner in-country like Rajendra at Remunance… Read More »IntervalZero


have worked with Rajendra for 14 years now and he has helped me launch two startup operations in India and to this day continues to help us stay compliant with the local laws and provides me with the peace of… Read More »Snappy Data

Snappy Data

Incubating a new operation in a new geography is a complex task. You need operational support from somebody that possesses local knowledge and global vision. After evaluating various alternatives, we chose Remunance to set up our India operations and are… Read More »Loxodrome Solutions Inc

Loxodrome Solutions Inc

India Strategy’ is the necessity for an aspiring start-up like ours. Your custom-made incubation solution and network in the tech eco-system helpemed us in a BIG way – Thanks

CXO Systems Inc

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