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As an International PEO,
Remunance Makes Working in India

Quick and Easy

International Professional Employer (PEO) agencies offer a simple, straightforward solution for overseas companies that already have professionals—freelancers and consultants —working for them in India, to provide employment benefits to their resources.

Remunance as a PEO in India smoothens the way past legal hurdles and bureaucratic tangles, helping overseas businesses get off the ground quickly and cost-effectively—without establishing a local entity. As an International PEO, Remunance provides HR-related services and employee leasing services, i.e. it employs staff on your behalf if you don’t have a legal entity in India.

How an International PEO
Can Change The Game for

Overseas Businesses

The act of doing business involves several essential but non-core activities like managing employees, payroll management, HR-related services, etc. All these come at a relatively higher cost for SMBs and are time- and effort-intensive. Remunance’s International PEO services take on these HR-related tasks without you ceding control of your operations, processes, or performance management.  In effect, a PEO agency liberates you to focus on what you do best: grow your business.

Who Can Benefit From
Remunance’s International PEO Services?

Your Resource(s) Relocating to India
Your Resource(s) Relocating to India

Moving resources from your existing setup overseas to your India operations is a great way to hit the ground running. As one of the top PEO agencies We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty of the relocation, from HR matters to residence, schooling, etc.

Resources Currently Engaged as Freelancers/Contractors
Resources Currently Engaged as Freelancers/Contractors

Your current setup may include freelance professionals or those working on a contract engagement; our employee leasing services can help you streamline the retention of your existing manpower.

Employees Working on a Project Through an Outsourcing Model
Employees Working on a Project Through an Outsourcing Model

Remunance PEO can also handle co-employment of your outsourced resources, effectively transferring corporate liabilities like pay, taxation, compensation, insurance, etc. through our employee leasing services

Organizations that Want to Hit the Ground Running and Find the Task of Subsidiary Formation Time-, Effort-, and Cost-intensive
Organizations that Want to Hit the Ground Running and Find the Task of Subsidiary Formation Time-, Effort-, and Cost-intensive

Businesses that don’t have a lot of time and money to spend testing the waters of new geography can benefit immensely from Remunance’s PEO services. We take over all the essential but routine tasks like Payroll, infrastructure support, and legal and regulatory matters, so you don’t have to. This also offers an easy exit, in the event that business doesn’t go as planned.

What do You get With Remunance

as Your International PEO?


Our team of experts in accounting, HR, laws governing employment, health/insurance benefits, expat support, taxation, and regulatory compliance


Full payroll processing and taxation management


Native understanding of the local culture, market, and employee sensitivities


Self-serve platform for higher transparency


Total control over your India team, processes, performance, and budgets


What is an International PEO?

By definition, an International PEO is a company that acts as a legal employer on behalf of a foreign company for its employee in another country while the employee continues to work for the foreign company. The PEO agency takes care of cost-effective services for HR, payroll, benefits, and risk management. Some agencies like Remunance go a step further to provide extended services like time and attendance, recruitment, employee training, and performance management.

What services are offered by an International PEO?

The ideal International PEO can help you identify and employ best-fit resources (recruitment) and offer other HR-related services, such as payroll processing, insurance, benefits, and risk management. In short, all the services you might need to expand your business to India quickly and cost effectively–without creating a permanent local entity in new geography. Some PEOs like Remunance go a step further to provide extended services like time and attendance, recruiting, employee training, and performance management.

What are the advantages of a PEO over Outsourcing?

Choosing to hire a team in India through a PEO versus an outsourcing agency offers the following advantages:

  • The hiring process is transparent and collaborative. The team is hired based on your requirements in India, and you are involved at every step of the process
  • The team is dedicated to working only for you with direct reporting and periodic interactions
  • The employee policies are mutually decided by the PEO agency and you in order to incorporate the same company culture as your office abroad
  • You get the undivided attention of a dedicated workforce and have better control over their deliverables and efficiency
  • It helps you test the waters before establishing your own subsidiary in India for subsequent business expansion
  • The trained and experienced team, which is hired for you by the PEO can be seamlessly transferred to your own subsidiary in India at a later stage, whenever it is formed

How can the International PEO model save costs for you as a startup?

You save on company formation and registration charges

You avoid annual compliance and audit charges

  • You do not require in-house HR, a lawyer, CA, etc.
  • You can transfer your existing staff to India or hire resources from India
  • Your workforce will be onboarded for you in India, and you can begin operations within days
  • You get assured mandatory compliance of your staff as per Indian laws
  • Your employees are covered under a group insurance policy
  • Your monthly payroll, compliances, and taxation of your employees are executed through accredited professionals
  • You get guidance on the required visa procedures and paperwork for the smooth processing of visa and work permits
  • Accurately manage relocation expenses and reimbursements, as necessary

Need More Support than
International PEO Services?

Remunance Employer of Record (EOR) Services may be for you.

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