Time Attendance System Ahmedabad

We are happy with their services and their professionalism. I wish to mention that the team working on our payroll is very knowledgeable and responds promptly on any query from employees. Implementation is very well. Some delays happened in the final payroll sheet in the first month as we have very typical requirements, but Remunance has resolved this issue very fast. Overall, I will recommend their services.

Vice President - Pharma manufacturing company.

Accurate Time Attendance System to Avoid Revenue Leakage

Remunance is considered as one of the top 5 outsourcing companies in India that can offer advanced and accurate time attendance system for various enterprises. This is the reason our clients trust us whenever they need a reliable, consistent, advance and highly efficient services in time attendance management.

The Significance Of Accurate Time Attendance

When you run a business and have a company you have to maintain a record of the attendance of all your employees. This section is strongly related with payroll management system. The record of regular attendance of your employees helps you to calculate their payments at the end of the month or week. Therefore you need to maintain a robust and error-free track of their attendance throughout the month.

Remunance is ready to offer you flawless Time Attendance System as per your requirements. We have talented and dedicated professionals who have deep knowledge in managing this section. We follow the current trends and use the best in class technology to offer you perfect solutions. The management of time and attendance system is also known as work Force Management system in various industries. We have immense experience in this segment and can offer you some highly useful solutions as per your needs.

  1. Our time attendance system is completely customer-centric. That means the system is developed as per the modern trends of clients’ business. We check the business type first and then offer them the right solutions that can fulfill their specific time-attendance needs.
  2. The system is up-to-date and follows the advanced features of global time and attendance management system.
  3. The system stores the data of all the employees as per the policies of the company. The fingerprints of the employees are stored in the machine with the help of an easy process.
  4. You can easily delete the data of the ex-employees and include the new ones as per your choice.
  5. You need not reconcile the time and attendance of your workers because this activity is completely done by the system.
  6. The records are stored in a database and that can be linked with the payroll management system to calculate the monthly or weekly payment.
  7. You can have total control on over the system and get back-up of the information in case of any damage to the main system.

Helping In Other Sections Of Your Business

As an experienced and professional company we know that a business can be run perfectly when you have a perfect interconnection between several departments of your company. The sections that are correlated must have a way to be connected with each other without any difficulties. Our Time Attendance System Ahmedabad helps you in obtaining that service easily. Our time attendance system can help you in leave management and payroll management as well. You can calculate their weekly, monthly and yearly leaves easily and smartly without spending much time for the same.

Some of the key features are

  1. You can calculate how many days and hours they are present in the office.
  2. You can also understand exactly how many leaves they have taken each month in a year.
  3. You can also calculate their overtime duties.
  4. The customizable settings make it easier to change the features of the machine as per your convenience.
  5. You can manage different shifts in one office and calculate the attendance of the employees as per the same.
  6. Various reports can be accessed using our self service tool.
  7. Rosters can be uploaded, Work from home module, etc.

All these jobs can be done automatically without any manual intervention. Since the system works automatically thus the chances of having errors (which are common in manual maintenance process) is almost zero. Therefore, the accuracy of the Time Attendance System Ahmedabad is guaranteed when you avail our advanced solutions.

Our services are highly affordable and designed for our global clients. We have team of experts who possess a professional attitude all the time. They treat all their projects a new challenge and try their best to overcome the same at any cost. This makes our services unique and efficient all the time. Contact us sales@remunance.com to know more about the services.