We have been using the Payroll Outsourcing services of Remunance since April 2008. We have a team of 50 employees located at 2 branches, Mumbai & Pune. – Even though we are a SME we are extremely satisfied with the services we are getting from EXL. The services are timely, accurate, flexible to adapt to changes and personalized – Palak Jhunjhunwala – Head of Business.

– Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

With increasing time demands it is imperative to find alternatives to do profitable business. By outsourcing leave and attendance management one can simplify the work environment and plugging the revenue losses occurring because of inefficient attendance management.

Attendance and Leave Management System.
Benefits for different stake holders:-

For Employee:-

  • Individual log in to view attendance reports like attendance irregularity,leave balance report and many more.
  • Browser-based : apply leave anywhere anytime
  • Easy to view and take action on attendance records like late marks, overtime etc for self .
  • Time card entry – Helps in tracking time project wise.( It can also work as a project management tool).
  • Transparency in leave application and approval process.

  • For HR/Time Office

  • Log in to view/download all statutory and MIS reports related to all employees.
  • Paperless, cuts down the paper processing flows and frees up time for more important work
  • Better view of up to date leave pattern within the organization.
  • Easy tracking of current and historical leave applications, rejection and authorization.
  • At a Glance Reporting – see all employee attendance/ attendance irregularity records at a glance
  • Better decision making with all information available just a click away.

  • For Management

  • Log in for corporate person so they can view/download all MIS and statutory report from anywhere in the world.
  • Centralized leave management across whole organization, including remote offices.
  • Efficiency gain on lessened disruptions at work with cutting down paper processing flows.
  • Return on Investment, in terms of freeing up time for core activities, saving on paperwork, plugging revenue losses by various control points.
  • Requires no upfront investment on hardware and software.
  • Company based rules for attendance, leaves, Overtime applied.
  • Employees with exception to the rules can be configured.
  • Multi location reports can be viewed centrally