Get Most Effective Payroll Outsourcing Services in India

We have been using the Payroll Outsourcing services in India of Remunance since April 2008. We have a team of 50 employees located at 2 branches, Mumbai & Pune. – Even though we are a SME we are extremely satisfied with the services we are getting from EXL. The services are timely, accurate, flexible to adapt to changes and personalized – Palak Jhunjhunwala – Head of Business.

– Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Employee Payroll Processing and Outsourcing Services –

  • End to End payroll administration right from employee joining to full & final settlement.
  • Pan India presence with services being provided in more than 29 locations.
  • Expertise and proven track record of working with businesses from diverse industry verticals and size.
  • India partners of three Multi-country payroll service providers.
  • Provide customizable tax tables, calculations and forms.
  • Track vacation, sick & holiday pay in addition to regular bonus and commissions.
  • Maintain Payroll history for each employee.
  • Pay by hourly, weekly & monthly schedules, as applicable & manage expert payroll.
  • Maintain a Checks issue register. Generates Cost Accounting Reports, Wage reports (monthly, quarterly & annual) and Management dashboards.
  • Issue Pay slips to each employee in PDF format.
  • Maintains all statutory records such as Tax deducted at Source, Provident Fund contributions.
  • Generates all year end and quarterly reports for electronic filing.
  • All statutory forms such as Form 16, Form 12, Form 6, and Form 24Q, Form 24 etc. required for filing quarterly and yearly returns.
  • Catering to all needs of payroll administration from consulting to execution, partial or End-to-End payroll processing as needed.

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