Leave Management

We have been using the Payroll Outsourcing services of Remunance since April 2008. We have a team of 50 employees located at 2 branches, Mumbai & Pune. – Even though we are a SME we are extremely satisfied with the services we are getting from EXL. The services are timely, accurate, flexible to adapt to changes and personalized – Palak Jhunjhunwala – Head of Business.

– Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Leave and Attendance Management Outsourcing – Remunance.com

markmypresence.com is a unique web based application build with a purpose to reduce the pain of HR/Time office and/or administration team to generate attendance data of the employees at the end of the month for payroll department, which is mainly the number of days to be considered for payment of salary.

markmypresence.com integrates two critical HR/ Time office functions and is configured as per the clients attendance and leave policies allowing employees and their supervisors to manage their leaves and mark their attendance with minimal intervention from HR/ Time office.

The principle used here is, ‘employee’ through his/her secured log in on markmypresence.com should help generate a clean data at the end of the month for payroll.

This system is mainly aimed at using along with MakeMySalary but also can used independently